Extending the accounts of my North American speaking tour

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In late 2007 and early 2008 I went on a speaking tour of North America of some 44 cities across two Canadian provinces, 18 US states and Washington DC. The start of my blog on this site was the entries I made for the 2008 section of my speaking tour across North America. However as the 14 or so weeks on the road were both exhausting and my access to internet was sporadic most of the entries made at the the time were very short. So over the last year or more I've popped in from time to time to edit some of these entries, in some cases expanding them to 5,000 words or more.  Hindsight has allowed me to do some background reading but also realise that my tour was happening in the context of two significant events, the election of the first black president and the start of the capitalist crisis of 2008.

I'm linking to the edited accounts here as I complete them rather than re-dating them to the date of editing. Some of them I edit more than once as its often hard to get a long enough slice of time to do a good job on some entries all in one go. In fact if you keep an eye on the Latest content tab you'll sometimes catch me in the act of editing.

On the tour itself I did interviews with anarchists in 17 cities across the USA.  Eventually I'll get around to integreting each of these into the page. I have also produced a google video of the audio from the talk I gave with images from the struggles I was talking about. During the tour I projected the URL of the page Speaking tour - more information on the topics covered to enable people to find out more about the struggles I discussed.

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Clicking on any of the red pins above will bring up a link to the entry to that city whether or not I've already got around to extending it.  The list below just links to the extended entries. (June 2012 - I've given up on the idea that I'll manage to complete adding to these enteries, too far ago now for my memories to be clear enough!)

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Ontario (late 2007)
Hamilton - 21st August, 7pm, Skydragon Centre, 27 King William Street

Toronto - 25th August, 4pm Concord Cafe, 937 Bloor street W 

Ottawa - Sept 16 1:30 pm Jack Purcell Community Centre, 320 Jack Purcell Lane -  visited Exile Infoshop
Sudbury - 17 Sept, 6.30pm Myths & Mirrors (Victory Park) Frood Road
Windsor- Sept 23, 7pm, private residence
Waterloo - Sept 24, 7pm at Wilfred Laurier University


Montreal - December 21st, 8:00 pm, Coop Généreux 4518 Papineau -

Worcester -Feb 20th 7pm, Stone Soup, 4 King st

Boston - Saturday, February 23rd - 7pm, Encuentro 5, 33 Harrison Ave., 5th Floor, Chinatown -  visited Lucy Parsons  visited Hiram Grand Lodge Youth Development Center in Dorcester for Boston Workers Alliance event private meeting in a church
Amherst - Feb 27th, Food for Thought books, 106 N Pleasant street

Rhode Island

Providence - Feb 21st, 7:30, DARE, 340 Lockwood street


Portland, Feb 25th, Meg Perry Centre, 644 Congress St


Hartford, CT, March 2nd, 1:30pm, East Hartford Public Library, 840 Main Street

New York state
New York City - February 29th, 7pm at the A.J. Muste Institute, 339 Lafayette Street, 3rd floor, Manhattan
 - private talk in WSA office
Syracuse - March 15th, 7:30 pm, Women's Information Center, 601 Allen St
Buffalo - March 17th, 6 pm, Buffalo Pride Center, 18 Trinity Place

Philadelphia , March 6th @ 7pm LAVA, 4134 Lancaster Avenue - visited Bindlestiff Books - took part in IWW picket of Hyundi dealership
Pittsburgh - 12th April 7pm, The Thomas Merton Center, 5125 Penn Avenue


Baltimore, MD, March 7th, 7:30 PM, Red Emma's, 800 St. Paul St -

Washington, DC
 March 8th at NCOR conference, American University private talk in DC library

Fredericksburg, VA, March 11th, 1pm at University of Mary Washington

Richmond, March 11, 7pm, William Byrd Community House, 224 South Cherry St. private talk at the Flying Brick  

Miami, 2nd April, 8pm at the Black Mangrove, Artpartments 510 NE 62nd Street
,  private talk at 'Firefly'  visited PowerU -  visited Miami Workers Centre -  visited Jobs with Justice -  visited Labour Studies department at Florida International University went to a Take Back the Land fundraiser
Lake Worth, April 4, private house

Sarasota - April 6 1.30 - at 'All power to the imagination' conference

Gainesville - April 8 6pm at Civic Media Centre


Atlanta - 10th of April at the 11:11 Teahouse


Kent - April 14th, 7pm rm. 316, Kent State Student Center, Kent Ohio - media report
Cleveland - April 15th, 7pm, C-Space, 4323 Clark Avenue



Detroit - April 16th, 7pm, Baile Corcaigh Irish Pub
Lansing (original) - April 17th 7pm, Michigan State University Campus, East Lansing


Chicago - 19th April, Rossovelt University Finding our Roots conference 

-  visited New World Resource Center


Minneapolis (slightly edited) - April 23rd, Arise! Books, 2441 Lyndale Ave S.

Seattle (original) - April 26th, 7pm, Sieg Hall, University of Washington
 visited Left Bank books
Bellingham - April 28th - Western Washington University

Tacoma (original) - April 30th, 7pm, Pitchpipe Infoshop, 621 Martin Luther King Jr Way (near 6th Ave and MLK Way) -  

Olympia (original) - May 1st, 7pm, Evergreen State College

 took part in Mayday demonstration


Portland - May 3rd, 3pm, Portland State University 

Eugene (original), May 4th, 7pm, Apocalypse on Broadway
 2100 W. Broadway 1
, Eugene

Arcata (original), May 08, 5.30, Humboldt State University
Eureka (no entry), May 9th, 5.30pm - Ink People, 411 12th St  
San Jose (no entry) - May 11th, 6:30, El De-Bug Office 701 Lenzen Ave

Oakland, May 13th 7PM, AK Press warehouse, 674-A 23rd Street
Los Angeles, May 16th, 7:00PMm, Southern California Library, 6120 S. Vermont Ave.  Miami poster NE USA tour poster Oakland poster Montreal poster San Jose poster NW poster


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