At Arise in Minneapolis

Arise bookshop Last nights meeting at the Arise bookshop in Minneapolis was packed out, I counted over 40 people crammed into the limited space. Minneapolis is the last of the mid-west stops, its on to Seattle and the west coast today.

It was a long Megabus trip from Chicago to Minneapolis across a pretty flat featureless countryside.  Minneaapolis / St Paul's is divided by the Mississipi and while there I saw the bridge that had collapsed into the river at rush hour.  I also visited the Native American burial mounds that overlook the Mississipi bend. 

While in Minneapolis I did an interview with Kieran. He talks about employment in the 'twin cities' the loss of union jobs, the 1934 strike and Bloody Friday, the co-op movement in 60's and 70's, the American Indian Movement and Wounded Knee/Pine Ridge, influence of british anarchist groups and the formation of Love and Rage, Profane Existance and the punk scene and organising against the Republican National Convention and of course the elections. You can listen to this at

WORDS: Andrew Flood (Follow Andrew on Twitter )


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