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Anarchist Writers is both an article archive for modern anarchist writers and a blog site for the same writers.  You'll find articles written for publication elsewhere but then archived here in the centre column.  The right hand column has the latest blog posts from our writers.

There are a huge amount of articles on the site, if you are searching for something in particular I'd recommend using the Article Index Creation tool which allows you to narrow down your results to a very specific set of categories.  The tag clouds at the bottom of each page are a quick way to list all the articles in the topics displayed.  The range of topics will grow over time as obvious subject clusters emerge

We've no formal connection with Anarkismo or Anarchist Black Cat although many of us post there.  Basically we want this site to reflect the best of the useful end of the existing anarchist movement. 




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Posting comments

 Like most sites we have a major problem with bots trying to post spam into the comments section.  While looking for a better solution we are reduced to only on turning on the ability to anonymously comment for brief periods around the posting of new articles.  But if you are a regular visitor you can comment at any time by creating an account on the site and logging in before posting. But the Spammers also set up accounts so to reduce the workload of deleting those we only turn on the ability to create accounts for brief periods which we announce on our Twitter & Facebook accounts so follow those to hear when we have that turned on.  We do want you to be able to engage with us via the comments and we are very sorry for the fact that we can't find a better way of dealing with spam.