Upated with interview - Apocalypse in Eugene

Image The Eugene meeting, which was small, 12-14 people, took part at the Apocalypse on Broadway warehouse in an industrial estate.

Eugene was an interesting and in many ways irresistible stop at a few years back it had a big primitivist scene, something I spent a while critiquing a couple of years back, see http://anarchism.pageabode.com/andrewnflood/pdf-civilisation-primitivism...

There was some speculation at earlier stops that this could mean the meeting being mobbed by hordes of irate primmies but it runs out that the horders no longer really exist in Eugene. They made quite a mess of things so the anarchist movement will need to be rebuilt but it looks like people are ready to take that on.

Recorded in Eugene Interview with IWW members Mark, Kate, Nathan in Eugene, Oregan. issues covered include local industry, gentrification of downtown, decline of radical organising, what remains, anarchism in Eugene today, the decline of primitivism, the IWW, organising hippie businessess http://www.indymedia.ie/attachments/may2008/eugene.mp3

WORDS: Andrew Flood (Follow Andrew on Twitter )


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