Its green in Seattle

Lenin in Seattle Well Florida was green too buts its nice to be somewhere northern where everything is not the muddy brown of winter.

Last nights meeting at the university attracted about 30 people despite the warm evening. I've met around half a dozen people here I'd only previously know via email addresses.

I ran out of voice last night after about 20 minutes worth of questions, I blame the late night and beer drinking of the night before when we wandered around some pubs around the fishing docks.

In Seattle I interviewed Rogue across a range of topics that included the legend of seattle, gentrification and public housing, prison abolition, left bank books, hoping freight trains, homeless at 15, punk v nazi fights in North carolina, IWW struggle to unionize Austin co-op, Class Action Alliance and Environmental activism, ACT-UP and condoms in prisons. The interview has joined the others on Irish indymedia at

WORDS: Andrew Flood (Follow Andrew on Twitter )


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