Property is Theft!

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Property is Theft!

A Pierre-Joseph Proudhon Anthology

Edited by

Iain McKay

I dedicate this book to my daughters.
May it show the importance of being bilingual!

Introduction: General Idea of the Revolution in the 21st Century

“Workers, labourers, men of the people, whoever you may be, the initiative of reform is yours. It is you who will accomplish that synthesis of social composition which will be the masterpiece of creation, and you alone can accomplish it.”

Pierre-Joseph Proudhon -- What Is Property? Third Memoir

What is Property?

Letter to M.Blanqui on Property

Letter to Antoine Gauthier

Letter to Karl Marx

System of Economic Contradictions: Volume I

System of Economic Contradictions: Volume II

Solution of the Social Problem

Organisation of Credit and Circulation and the Solution of the Social Problem

Letter to Louis Blanc

Letter to Professor Chevalier

The Situation

The Reaction

The Mystification of Universal Suffrage

To Patriots

Opening Session of the National Assembly

Outline of the Social Question

Foreign Affairs

To the Editor-in-Chief of Le Représentant du Peuple

The 15th July

Address to the Constituent National Assembly

The Malthusians

Toast to the Revolution

The Constitution and the Presidency

Election Manifesto of Le Peuple

Bank of the People

Confessions of a Revolutionary

Resistance to the Revolution

Letter to Pierre Leroux

In Connection with Louis Blanc

Interest and Principal

General Idea of the Revolution in the Nineteenth Century

Letter to Villiaumé

Stock Exchange Speculator’s Manual

Justice In The Revolution And In The Church

Letter to Milliet

The Federative Principle

Letter to M.X

The Political Capacity of the Working Classes

Appendix: The Theory of Property

Appendix: The Paris Commune

Glossary of Terms, People and Events

Supplemental Material (online only)

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