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Articles that include a number of photographs or other images

Pride 2012 in Dublin - Image Gallery

Pictures I took at Pride in Dublin over the weekend of June 30th and which we used to create a photogalery on the WSM web site.


Images from the 2012 Rossport Solidarity Gathering

 Over the June bank hoiliday I attended the Rossport Solidarity Camp gathering, part of the ongoing struggle against Shell's experimental gas pipeline and refined that is being imposed on the area.  While there I revisited the Shell compound at Arghoose which has been massively developed since last year.  The photoslide show here gives an idea of the camp, the landscape and the level of monitoring of everyone in the area being carried out by the Garda and Shell's security company IRMS.

Recall in Wisconsin – the Alternative Was Worse

The votes are in: republican Governor Scott Walker has survived his much publicized recall election, besting his Democratic opponent, Tom Barrett, by a sound 9 point margin.

Dublin Mayday 2012 Photos & Video

 The Dublin Mayday march took place this year in appaling weather conditions which meant many of the 1000 or so who started out never made the final rally at Liberty Hall.  As you'll see from the pictures on the Quays machers were literally being wrapped up in their own banners by the wind and rain.  The WSM called an anti-authoritiarian bloc in which around 60 people took part and about 40 went to the social afterwards.

Photos & video from the April 2012 Reclaim the Streets in Dublin

 After a gap of some 6 years Reclaim the Streets returned to Dublin on April 28th with a few hundred people taking part.  Apart from Garda initally acting the bully boys with regards to people openly consuming alcohol there was no hassle and a good time was had by all. The organisers press release along with a slide show of the better photos I took on the day is below.

Photos from the massive Household tax protest at Fine Gael Ard Fheis

These images are from the 10,000 plus strong anti-household tax march on the Fine Gael Ard Fheis in Dublin.  Fine Gael are one of the two governement parties and they are now in real trouble as a mass community campaign has succeded in getting about 50% or 1 million households to refuse to register for this new tax.

Massive National rally of community campaign against new Household tax in Ireland

Saturday's National Rally against the Household Tax in the National Stadium was literally filled to overflowing. As well as nearly 3,000 people crammed into every possible space in the Stadium another 4 to 500 were in the car park at the side, unable to fit into the building. And the thousands who attended were angry, energized and expectant of victory. The National Stadium normally hosts boxing marches but the atmosphere on Saturday topped that of watching a home fighter coming out on top in a close fought bout.


Half built Anglo Irish HQ got Romantic Irelandised on Paddy's day with September 1913

This blog contains a complete set of the photos of the guerilla art exhibition boards drilled onto the hoarding outside the half completed Anglo HQ on Patricks day 2012. Anglo was the property developers bank which crashed in 2008 and because the Irish government choose to bail it out left every person in the republic in debt to the tune of 26,000.

Scuffles on Pearse street as Garda attack Occupy Dame St march in Dublin

Over 150 people gathered at the Central Bank last night in the aftermath of the eviction of Occupy Dame Street (ODS). They then marched to Pearse street Garda station to demand the return of confiscated property but for unknown reasons the Garda prevented them for reaching the station, knocking many to the ground while doing so. Following on from the violence used during the 4am eviction that morning this represents a radical departure from the 'softly-softly' policing that has characterized the interactions of the state with ODS to date.



Photos & some words from the Feb 25 Household tax protests in Dublin

The short article below was one I put together for the WSM site to report on the co-ordinated Household tax protests that took place across Dublin on Feb 25th.  The intention had been to have a report from each protest a WSM member was involved in but in the end only 1/3 of people did reports so the piece ended up being a lot shorter than imagined.  The campaign against the tax has everyone very stretched at the moment so its not that surprizing that time wasn't found to write up reports.  In the text below the intro and Dublin 7 reports are mine, the rest is written by others.  The photos are also mine, taken with a Canon S100.


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