PDF: Civilisation, primitivism and anarchism

Image A PDF pamphlet is now available of my two published critiques of primitivism. You can now download, print out and distribute this pamphlet whose essays provoked some fury when first published.

 What they said about these essays

"weak assault on "primitivism"" - John Zerzan, Anarchist News

"this article is just sectarian and bad .. it's flamebait. I was also offended by some of your arguments and felt that publishing that article would be counterproductive to the general goals of the Infoshop project" - Chuck0, infoshop.org

"who by now, doesn’t know that andrew flood is an idiot? .. try not to innundate this board with such obviously superceded nonsense as just about everything written by flood and his cretinous supporters.” - anonymous, Anarchist News

"I believe this piece to be complete garbage and why oh why is he provided an outlet to spew forth repugnant shit?" - Anonymous, Anarchist News

"criticism helps us to reflect on and refine our own understanding about what we think, i am glad there are critiques like this because when everyone agrees on something and there is no uncertainty it becomes dangerously stubborn and people become arrogant if there is no one questioning their judgement" - Sean, Green Anarchy Forums

Download the A4 single sided PDF file from http://struggle.ws/pdfs/andrew/primitivism.pdf
Download the US Letter double sided booklet from http://www.struggle.ws/ustour/PrimitivismUSletterDuplex.pdf



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