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Photos from Occupy London

I visited the site of Occupy London when I was in London at the end of October for the London anarchist bookfair and took the photos that in the flickr slideshow below.  These are a selection of over 100 shots, in particular I took photos of all the signs and leaflets that were stuck up to archive, most of them aren't interesting enough to include here though.

Images from the Dublin anarchist bookfair 2011

Saturday saw the 6th Anarchist Bookfair in Dublin, once more in Liberty Hall, the HQ of the largest Irish union.  It's always a hectic time as a huge amount of work has to be done in terms of promotion and organisation, not helped this year by the removal of 70% of the posters we put up, we presume by the Garda.  This has some impact on numbers, I noticed that I at least vaguely recognised a much bigger proportion of the people who attended then at last years's bookfair and we think the numbers were down by a couple of hundred.  I've no time to say a lot about the bookfair but here are some photos I took during the day along with the advance publicity material we produced.

The wealthy 1% still pull the strings

I've got a bit slow with blogging of late mostly because I've been doing a lot more news writing for the WSM site which tends to fill the slot a lot of my blogs were in.  As well as writing I do a fair amount of activist photography, some of which I use with articles but I've realised it would make sense to at least blog the photos of events even if I don't have time to post up a report.  So here are some images from a 1% Network press stunt / protest back in March.

Images from the eirigi occupation of Anglo Irish Bank

I got notification early on Saturday that some comrades from the left republican group eirigi had just occupied the Anglo Irish Bank offices so I hoped on my bike with my trusty camera to go down and get a few photos which I include with this post as a slide show.  Anglo Irish Bank (not to be confused with Allied Irish Bank) was the super dodgy property developer bank whose collapse was a key feature of the crash in Ireland and which is going to cost workers in Ireland some 30 billion as we pay for the speculation of a couple of hundred of the superwealthy.  That figure is based on the fact that 50% of Anglo's loans were to 147 or so accounts!


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