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Interview: Impressions of the North American anarchist movement

An interview with Andrew Flood about the impressions of the North American anarchist movement he formed during his 2007/2008 44 city tour of the US and Canada.  The interviews ends with questions about the comparison of the movement in Ireland with that in Britian and the promotion of anarchism via the internet.   This was submitted and published in Black Flag.

Video: Anarchism in Ireland - 1997 to 2007

The period from 1997 to 2007 saw anarchism in Ireland move from an ultra marginal role to just a marginal one, a similar level of significance to the rest of the far left. This video is a brief history of anarchism during that decade and why there was a massive growth in terms of percentages if rather modest in terms of actual numbers. It includes anarchist involvement in pro-choice, community, anti-war, work place struggles, reclaim the streets and of course the EU summit protests of Mayday 2004.

Social centers in Europe and North America

The infoshop is not the revolutionLast December I took part in a discussion of the politics of social centres in Seomra Spraoi in Dublin, I've now put the audio of that meeting online.  I talked about the places I visited while touring

Speaking tour T-shirt (or Mug)

Tour t-shit A friend of mine (Aileen) very kindly made up a t-shirt of my North America speaking tour for me for Christmas via a internet t-shirt service. She said she could set it up so anyone else who wanted a souvenir could order one directly themselves so I'm providing a link below.

Extending the accounts of my North American speaking tour

USA poster

In late 2007 and early 2008 I went on a speaking tour of North America of some 44 cities across two Canadian provinces, 18 US states and Washington DC. The start of my blog on this site was the entries I made for the 2008 section of my speaking tour across North America. However as the 14 or so weeks on the road were both exhausting and my access to internet was sporadic most of the entries made at the the time were very short. So over the last year or more I've popped in from time to time to edit some of these entries, in some cases expanding them to 5,000 words or more.  Hindsight has allowed me to do some background reading but also realise that my tour was happening in the context of two significant events, the election of the first black president and the start of the capitalist crisis of 2008.

Interviews with anarchists in 17 cities across the USA

Interview citiesBetween February and May 2008 I interviewed 31 anarchists in the USA located in 17 different cities. The interviews are linked to below and provide a snapshot of the anarchist movement across the United States and anarchist attitudes towards local struggles and the US elections. The interviews were conducted during my 'Building a Popular Anarchism in Ireland' speaking tour during which I spoke at 45 locations across the USA and Canada.

Speaking tour - more information on the topics covered

This thread was created for my North American speaking tour to make it easier for people who attended meetings to find more information about the struggles and organizations I covered. It consists of links to the various struggles and organizations I talked about during the tour. The tour covered 44 North American cities in 2007 and early 2008.

The Other America - MP3 Tales from the NE Anarchist Movement

New Jersey I spent the last month Greyhounding around the USA speaking about anarchism in Ireland. Fourteen cities, 20+ meetings in thirty days in cities with populations from thirty thousand to over eight million. On my travels I used the opportunity to record interviews with many of the local anarchists who were organizing the meetings which I edited on the bus and posted to once I hit my next wi-fi signal. I've collated these interviews below, over two hours of audio in all.


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