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Shell to Sea escalates struggle in Mayo as pipeline ship approaches

After a quiet period the struggle against Shell’s attempt to impose a dangerous experimental gas pipeline in Erris, Co. Mayo has escalated once more over the last month. Shell are now attempting to bring the pipe ashore at Glenagad and over 20 people have been arrested to date resisting this. Shell’s Solitaire pipe-laying ship has arrived at the port of Killybegs and is expected in the Erris area any day making this a key period for Shell and for the community that is determined to halt its project.

Interviews with anarchists in 17 cities across the USA

Interview citiesBetween February and May 2008 I interviewed 31 anarchists in the USA located in 17 different cities. The interviews are linked to below and provide a snapshot of the anarchist movement across the United States and anarchist attitudes towards local struggles and the US elections. The interviews were conducted during my 'Building a Popular Anarchism in Ireland' speaking tour during which I spoke at 45 locations across the USA and Canada.

Interviews from the occupation of the Shell HQ in Dublin

Audio from Shell HQ occuption in Dublin to protest the give away of natural resources.  Shells HQ on Leeson street in Dublin has been occupied by activists protesting the give away of Ireland natural resources to this corporation depriving the health and education system of billions of euro worth of needed funds.

Report from Shell-2-Sea blockade of Shell HQ in Dublin

 This morning at 7.30 Dublin Shell to Sea members brought a taste of Mayo to Corrib House. Over 50 people took part in an ongoing blockade of the three entrances of the Shell HQ.

Debugging San Jose

De Bug San Jose The San Jose meeting took place at the De Bug centre in San Jose and attracted 32 people. The meeting organised by Amancer was the first public event they organised in the city.

Upated with interview - Apocalypse in Eugene

Image The Eugene meeting, which was small, 12-14 people, took part at the Apocalypse on Broadway warehouse in an industrial estate.

A not so quiet Mayday in Olympia

Inside the Capitol On Mayday I was in Olympia, Washington one of the few East coast ports rumored not to be shout down by the one day strike against the war. The meeting that evening in Evergreen College attracted around 18 people, we'd probably have got more was it not for the drama of the day.

Its green in Seattle

Lenin in Seattle Well Florida was green too buts its nice to be somewhere northern where everything is not the muddy brown of winter.

At Arise in Minneapolis

Arise bookshop Last nights meeting at the Arise bookshop in Minneapolis was packed out, I counted over 40 people crammed into the limited space. Minneapolis is the last of the mid-west stops, its on to Seattle and the west coast today.

Detroit meeting and interview

Ruined factory in DetroitDetroit is a city of legends for the left arising from the level of mass worker militancy there during the 1960's and 1970's.  But it is also a city legendary for its decay in the years since and the anti-social crime that accompanies urban decay.  Some months before I arrived I'd done one of the very first meetings of the tour just a km away across the river in the Canadian city of Windsor and been told all sorts of horror stories by the four people who had crossed the border from Detroit for this meeting.  As I looked across the river the next morning and wondered how two cities so close together could be so different I'd not guessed I'd be in Detroit just a few months later.


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