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An Anarchist FAQ Introduction


"Proletarians of the world, look into the depths of your own beings, seek out the truth and realise it yourselves: you will find it nowhere else"
- Peter Arshinov
The History of the Makhnovist Movement

Welcome to our FAQ on anarchism

An Anarchist FAQ Webpage Contacts

An Anarchist FAQ Webpage Contacts

An Anarchist FAQ Webpage Contacts

This web-site is the creation of many anarchists across the globe and
is a classic example of the power of freedom, equality and mutual aid.

It is produced by a small collective of people
who work on the FAQ when we can (mostly in our free time, after work).
This means that any e-mail sent may take a while to be replied to.

Bibliography for FAQ

Bibliography for FAQ

This bibliography lists all the books quoted in the FAQ. However, details for some of these books is missing. This information will also be added to over time. Some books are listed in more than one edition. This is due to the process of revising the FAQ for publication and using the most recent versions of books quoted. Once the revision is complete, the old details will be removed.

What's New in the FAQ?


Here is a list of all the new additions to the FAQ. An list of older changes can found here.

The version number of the FAQ changes as follows. A major change results in then the version number is increased by one (from version 10.2 to version 11, for example). If a minor change is being made then the current version is increased by 0.1 (for example, from version 10.2 to 10.3).

What Anarchists Say about An Anarchist FAQ

What Anarchists Say about An Anarchist FAQ

What Anarchists Say about An Anarchist FAQ

"At long last An Anarchist Frequently Asked Questions (AFAQ)
has moved from the Internet onto the printed page . . . it is
likely to be the primary source anarchists turn too for
information about anarchist theory and history . . . . It is
accessible, not laden with jargon but also built on ten years
and more of solid research . . . The structure of the book is
such that it is easy to dip into . . .

An Anarchist FAQ

An Anarchist FAQ Webpage

Version 15.0

This web page holds an anarchist FAQ. Its aim is to present what anarchism really stands for and indicate why you should become an anarchist.

Prospects for revolution

This talk was probably part of a debate at a conference of the Irish anarchist groups (WSM, Organise, Class War) in 1994.  We are living in a time of great change for the left. For this century the left has been identified with social-democracy (Labour, WP etc.) who saw socialism as being introduced through a few good men taking getting elected through parliament. Or by Leninists who saw socialism as a few good men being put into power by a revolution. Essentially both were variations on the Marxist conception of socialism. Anarchists who argued that socialism could not be brought about by a few good men but only by the self activity of the working class were dismissed as everything from dreamers to bomb throwers.

Review of Anarchism: A Very Short Introduction

A review of Colin Ward's recent introduction to anarchist ideas and history.

An Anarchist FAQ: Freedom Interview

Freedom Interview about An Anarchist FAQ

Anarchism and Community Politics

An article summarising why anarchists reject electioneering and suggesting an alternative in the form of popular assemblies.


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