Anarchist history

Chapter II: Property Considered as a Natural Right

Chapter II: Property Considered as a Natural Right

Occupation and civil law as efficient bases of property.


What is Property?

What is Property?

An Inquiry into the Principle of Right and of Government


Translator: Benjamin R. Tucker

Glossary of Terms, People and Events

Glossary of Terms, People and Events

Certain terms, people and events continually appear in Proudhon’s work. Rather than footnote each occurrence, information on them is summarised here. As with many French writers he refers to revolutionary events by date (i.e., ’89 for the start of the Great French Revolution and so on). He also refers to Year I, Year II, and so on, which are from the French Revolutionary calendar that began on September 22nd, 1792, the date of the official abolition of the monarchy and the nobility.

The Malthusians

The Malthusians

Le Représentant du Peuple

10th August 1848

Translator: Benjamin Tucker

Dr. Malthus, an economist, an Englishman, once wrote the following words:

Letter to Pierre Leroux

Letter to Pierre Leroux

Translator: Paul Sharkey

14th December 1849

My dear Pierre Leroux,

I really must forgive you your incessant accusations, for you do not know me and do not engage in debate.

Property is Theft!

Property is Theft!

A Pierre-Joseph Proudhon Anthology

Edited by

Iain McKay

I dedicate this book to my daughters.
May it show the importance of being bilingual!

Introduction: General Idea of the Revolution in the 21st Century

Towards an anarchist history of the Chinese revolution

Chinese autumn harvest propaganda posterOutside of a few events including the Long March and the Shanghai commune the development of the Chinese revolution is relatively unknown on the western left in comparison with the revolutions in Russia in 1917, Spain in 1936 or even the Paris spring of 1968. Those sections of that left influenced by or proclaiming themselves to be Maoist haven't helped that situation much. Their histories have tended towards simple tales focusing on the role of one man and collapsed a 100-year history of revolution into the events important to him. [Italian translation]

This article is a preliminary sketch of the Chinese revolutions from an anarchist perspective. It does not set out to be a history of Chinese anarchism although it draws on some of the histories of that movement which for twenty key years dominated the formation of the left in China. A real history of that movement in English will depend not only on the translation of vast quantities of texts from the early twentieth century but also on detailed local research to uncover a history that has both been deliberately buried and forgotten.



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