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Proudhon Reader update

As I blogged before, I’m working on a Proudhon Reader. This is due for publication by AK Press next year (2010) and aims to mark the 170th anniversary of Proudhon’s “What is Property?” and so the 170th anniversary of anarchism as a named socio-economic theory and movement. This is an update on how this is progressing.

"Synthesised" Marxism and Anarchism? My arse!

While I have great respect for Marx's contribution to the socialist movement (specifically, but not limited to, his analysis of capitalism), I really get sick of attempts to over-egg his influence and, at the same time, reduce the the influence of anarchism or implicitly deny core aspects of revolutionary anarchism. To say that, for example, the Haymarket anarchists "synthesised" anarchism and Marxism seems to suggest that if you accept class struggle, collective action and unions then you are not really an anarchist. Which is, to say the least, bollocks. It suggests an utter ignorance of anarchist ideas and movements. [Serbo-Croat translation]

Happy Bastille Day!

Happy July 14th! All together now, "La Marseillaise":

Come, children of the Fatherland,
The day of glory has arrived!
Against us tyranny's
bloodied banner is raised...

Captain Jack gets all wobbly

The new series of Torchwood (the Doctor Who spin-off, and, yes, Torchwood is an anagram of Doctor Who) is pretty good. "Children of Earth" is well worth watching, and has played havoc with my editing down of System of Economical Contradictions (volume 1) for the Proudhon Reader!

On Anarchism and Democracy

I was not sure I was going to blog this week, given that I'm busy and nothing had got me annoyed enough or seem interesting enough to comment on. However, that changed thanks to this article on the (excellent) new book Black Flame (which I've blogged on before) and the comment exchange I had with the author.

A review of a review

One of the better things about Amazon is looking at the reviews and having a laugh at the nutters who "review" books on subjects or by people they dislike. They give them one star and include a little rant about the book, usually showing that they have not read the book in question. This can be seen from Chomsky's books, "reviews" of Marx's Capital and books by leading American liberals (such as Paul Krugman). They are almost always by right-wingers, needless to say.

Unions, the Anarchist Conference 2009 and Proudhon

It has been a while since I blogged... That is because I've been very busy. First, there was release 13.1 of AFAQ which, in itself, took longer to do than I hoped. And for those with a good memory, the release date (18th of June 2009) is ten years on from J18 (as marked by the Guardian, strangely enough). J18 was fun and the very next day I met the love of my life (so that anniversary is easy to remember...).

Yet another letter on Kropotkin

Well, Peter Gibson has written another surreal letter to Freedom on Kropotkin. I had to reply, as I hate to see such a misrepresentation of mutual aid go unanswered. And on that note, AK Press UK are looking into printing costs for my essay on Kropotkin's Mutual Aid, which must be a good sign! And if there is a good year to produce an in depth evaluation of Kropotkin's ideas this would be it! What with Darwin and all that...

Black Flame

Or what has Proudhon done for us? And, again, apologies to Monty Python...

An Anarchist Library

Last weekend I was fortunate enough to be asked to give a talk at "Sparrows’ Nest", Nottingham's Anarchist Library & Archive. I was speaking on "Kropotkin's Mutual Aid today", based on my essay Kropotkin's Mutual Aid: An Introduction and Evaluation (hopefully hear in June whether, hopefully when, AK will publish it).


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