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First off, I should say that I've not blogged on Gaza and I should
explain why. Needless to say, I oppose the war (if you can call it that,
given the firepower differences involved). There seems to be little point
blogging to say that, particularly as I have little original to write on
the subject. For those interested in anarchist responses, I would recommend
libertarian news sites (such as Infoshop News and

Anarchist SF and economics

Well, now it is 2009. The holidays were quiet for us, but fun. Started working on getting volume 2 of AFAQ done for 2010. I’ve started revising section I, with the aim of it going live by March – probably March 18th (the Paris Commune and all that).

Festive funnies and all the best for 2009!

Well, 2008 has nearly ended. Capitalism is obviously sliding into crisis and the state (as expected) is leaping to its aid (as it always does). On our side, people are resisting (most obviously in Greece). Let us hope that 2009 will see more working class resistance to attempts to make us pay for their crisis and, hopefully, start to create the new world as part of that struggle.

I've posted a few old articles and one new one.

The politics of envy and inequality

well, the bailout of the American car industry went ahead. Unsurprisingly, my suggestion that it should involve turning the industry over to the workers was not raised. Instead, it was used to attack the unions and the working class as a whole. To quote Senate to Middle Class: Drop Dead by Michael Moore:

Proudhon proved right!

Proudhon's "property is despotism" in action:

Barclay brothers tell Sark: you didn't vote for us, so we'll take our money elsewhere

Truly, the people of Sark need to be educated about the joys of a "new liberty" -- how could they be so silly to demand a say in the management of their lives?

Can libertarian or communist be saved?

This is something I ponder once in a while. Has the right succeeded (at least in North America) in appropriating the word “libertarian”? Has Stalinism ensured that “communist” be a word best avoided?

Greece is the Word....

Greece is the Word, AFAQ Launch, Black Flag and much more...

Well, volume 1 of an An Anarchist FAQ has now been launched. It was a bit strange to be in Glasgow without the family, but the event itself went well. Over 20 people, most of them new faces, and lots of good, if at times broad, questions (most of which I answered, I think). One comment was that I spoke too quickly, which is probably true but as it was in Glasgow I'm assuming accent-wise that was not a real issue!

A general theory or not? Plus Scots in poverty and a letter

Obviously I'm somewhat excited about Saturday, as I will be launching An Anarchist FAQ in Glasgow. And about time!

But here are a few things of interest.

Anarchist films

I’ve been think of writing about this for a while, since I saw Reds again in about 2 decades. Very good film, particularly as it portrays the hopes the Russian revolution produced as well as the failure of Bolshevism.

So are there any good anarchist films? I don’t necessarily mean films by or about anarchists, but ones with an anarchist message or which anarchists can enjoy. I’ll mention three good ones, before discussing a not-so-good one based on a classic anarchist comic.

The future (and past) of economics

I was working on making a few finishing touches (so to speak) to an unfinished appendix of "An Anarchist FAQ" on classical economics (aka, the labour theory of value). During it, I had a look at Ricardo's Principles and Chapter XX ("Value and Riches, Their Distinctive Properties") in which Ricardo disputes Say on the question of utility and value.


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