The Spanish Revolution, co-operatives and economists

First off, I should say that I've not blogged on Gaza and I should
explain why. Needless to say, I oppose the war (if you can call it that,
given the firepower differences involved). There seems to be little point
blogging to say that, particularly as I have little original to write on
the subject. For those interested in anarchist responses, I would recommend
libertarian news sites (such as Infoshop News and

Speaking tour T-shirt (or Mug)

Tour t-shit A friend of mine (Aileen) very kindly made up a t-shirt of my North America speaking tour for me for Christmas via a internet t-shirt service. She said she could set it up so anyone else who wanted a souvenir could order one directly themselves so I'm providing a link below.

Gaza, sectarianism and anti-Semitism

Like I'd imagine a huge percentage of other active anarchists around the planet my last couple of weeks has been dominated by protests around the Israeli attacks on Gaza and discussion of the politics of the situation. In general the whole thing is quite depressing both from the point of view of the desperation of the situation and for how the online end reminds us once more of the chronically sectarian nature of parts of the anarchist movement.

Anarchist SF and economics

Well, now it is 2009. The holidays were quiet for us, but fun. Started working on getting volume 2 of AFAQ done for 2010. I’ve started revising section I, with the aim of it going live by March – probably March 18th (the Paris Commune and all that).

Montreal talk - a year on

Montreal posterThis day last year I was getting out of bed in Montreal with a fearsome hangover having got back to my hotel at 4am after doing the sixth date of my North American speaking tour. Like the six earlier Ontario dates I wasn't blogging at that stage so I thought I'd revisit this stop.

Festive funnies and all the best for 2009!

Well, 2008 has nearly ended. Capitalism is obviously sliding into crisis and the state (as expected) is leaping to its aid (as it always does). On our side, people are resisting (most obviously in Greece). Let us hope that 2009 will see more working class resistance to attempts to make us pay for their crisis and, hopefully, start to create the new world as part of that struggle.

I've posted a few old articles and one new one.

Greek Embassy Protest Dec. 08 Dublin We don't forget, we don't back down - Killer cops in everytown

A good crowd gathered at the top of Grafton street at about 5.15pm on the cold dark Tuesday evening in December. We moved off towards St. Stephens green, about 25 of us heading towards Lesson street and the Greek Embassy. We went against the flow of people escaping work and rushing towards the illuminated beacon of the shopping centre.

Extending the accounts of my North American speaking tour

USA poster

In late 2007 and early 2008 I went on a speaking tour of North America of some 44 cities across two Canadian provinces, 18 US states and Washington DC. The start of my blog on this site was the entries I made for the 2008 section of my speaking tour across North America. However as the 14 or so weeks on the road were both exhausting and my access to internet was sporadic most of the entries made at the the time were very short. So over the last year or more I've popped in from time to time to edit some of these entries, in some cases expanding them to 5,000 words or more.  Hindsight has allowed me to do some background reading but also realise that my tour was happening in the context of two significant events, the election of the first black president and the start of the capitalist crisis of 2008.

The politics of envy and inequality

well, the bailout of the American car industry went ahead. Unsurprisingly, my suggestion that it should involve turning the industry over to the workers was not raised. Instead, it was used to attack the unions and the working class as a whole. To quote Senate to Middle Class: Drop Dead by Michael Moore:

125 years of the black flag of anarchy

As well as 2008 being the 150th anniversary of anarchist use of the word “libertarian” to describe our ideas, this year also marks the 125th anniversary of the association of the black flag with anarchism.


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