The Zapatistas - an anarchist analysis of their structure and direction

Zapatista pamphlet

A PDF pamphlet which contains two articles looking at the struture of the Zapatistas and their strategy.  The first from 1997 was based around interviews done in a Zapatista community and with international peace observers as well as an exhaustive study of material in English on the Zapatistas including all their communiques.  The second written in 2005 updates the critique developed in the first in the light of the new direction announced in 2005.

The Zapatistas - an anarchist analysis of their structure and direction

Lessons from the rebellion in Chiapas

This pamphlet contains two articles which use the Zapatistas own words and on the ground interviews carried out in a Zapatista community in 1997 to put forward a detailed analysis of the grassroots democratic structures of the Zapatistas. The first article published in 2001 ends with a critique of the politics of the Zapatistas from an anarchist perspective. The second article takes up that critique in light of the new direction announced by the Zapatistas in the summer of 2005.

What is it that is different about the Zapatistas?
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A new direction for the Zapatistas?
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The PDF files below are 3 versions of the booklet The Zapatistas - an anarchist analysis of their structure and direction . Anyone with the correct software (see below) can download and print it out complete with graphics.

Instructions for downloading:

To view and print out the file you will need to have Adobe Document Reader on your computer. This is free software that now comes on many computers and with many CD's. If you do not already have it you can download it from the Adobe site. [or click here for a faster text only page]

If you already have Adobe Document Reader installed then proceed to selecting which version of the booklet you want from the list below.

Zapatista pamphlet

This PDF file is available in three formats depending on the needs of the person printing it out.

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