The rising of the moon - an anarchist analysis of Irish republicanism and working class struggles 1780 -1798 & 1880-1923

Stopping the cannon This collection of articles looks at some of the highpoints in the development of Irish republicanism. The articles themselves are linked to below but you can also download them as a PDF booklet by following the instructions below. You are welcome to distribute copies of this booklet but do let me know that you are doing so.

The links to the PDF file

This PDF file is available in three formats depending on the needs of the person printing it out.

If you have access to a duplex (two sided) printer then

If you can only print on one side of the paper then download the A4 version of the Rising of the Moon

Remember that for Duplex printing of documents in horizontal layout you need to select 'short edged binding' in the print dialogue.


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