Shell compound breached, equipment destroyed in day of action against pipeline

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The second day of the week of action saw an unexpected success when Shell to Sea campaigners managed to breach Shells fortified compound and force security to retreat to the inner compound.  While this happened much of the equipment, in particular the spy cameras, in  the outer compound was damaged or destroyed.

The day started with Donal Kelly performing his one person play about the struggle against Shell at the gates of the compound.  Around 70 people gathered to watch the performance, sitting on the ground in front of the gates.  After the play most people used the public right of way that now runs between two of the Shell compounds to access the forshore, the site of yesterdays action against the Shell bog road and sand bag dam.

Campaigners tore up much of the remaining bog road and while this was happening a weakness was found in the fence resulting in a significant section of this being torn down.  A few people crossed into the compound were IRMS, Shell's security attempted to push and intimidate them out.  As more campaigners came into the compound to support them the tables turned and suddenly IRMS were in full retreat, driven back to and through the gate into the upper compound.  After an attempt to get through the gates of this compound as well campaigners decided to return to the strand for the planned picnic.
As they passed back through the lower compound they observed that the spy cameras on its walls now all appeared to be broken and that the pumps and generators along with other equipment had stopped working.  A few Garda joined IRMS in video recording campaigners but no arrests were made and after the picnic everyone returned to the Rossport Solidarity Camp to discuss the days events.
The week of action continues all through the week and over next weekend.  Everyone who want to act against Shell is welcome, their is space to camp and communal meals through the day.  The struggle against Shell has entered its 13th year, pushing the project 2.4 billion over the original planned costs of 600 million.  The actions of the last two days will have added to these costs and further delay the project.
WORDS & PHOTO :Andrew Flood (follow Andrew on Twitter)



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