Using photography - pro choice support Marie Stopes photo call

 Medical abotion became legally available in Ireland for the first time with the opening of a new Marie Stopes clinic in Belfast.  As you might image the forced birther movement has gone into overdrive with pickets of the clinic being led by a fascist who has previouslu supported the killing of catholics by loyalists (just so long presumably as they had been born). The director of the clinic is former PUP leader Dawn Purvis, the Progressive Unionist Party was pretty unique in terms of electoralist parties north or south in adopting a pro-choice position.  The forced birthers are in a panic because they rightly see this as the beginning of the end of the long misery they have managed to impose on women north and south who found themselves pregnant when they had no wish to be.

The clinic didn't want counter demonstrations to the forced birthers outside so instead there have been solidarity demonstrations elsewhere.  Students at the National College of Art & Design in Dublin seem to be the first to have the idea of basing this around a photo call / posed photo and last week the pro-choice society at UCD followed suit.  As they needed a photographer to record the event I stepped forward to take the image below which was then widely shared on Facebook.  See 'We fully support the Marie Stopes Clinic in Belfast' page for more images.  There is a march in Belfast next Saturday to support the clinic.


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