Irish Water in trouble with Data Commissioner

 Irish Water are in much deserved trouble with the Data Commissioner. The DC has said that Irish Water's policy on how it intends to use your personal information that it is currently demanding has “some simply unsupportable approaches” to obtaining the consent of customers on certain issues, such as marketing.

According to the Irish Times the commissioner has said “Irish Water will wind up dealing with data protection complaints, some groundless but many with a strong basis”

All this is part of government policy in shifting taxation from progressive income related taxes - where the rich are required to pay substantially more - to flat rate regressive taxes where the low paid pay the same as millionaires. The implementation of the water tax currently involves Irish Water/Uisce Éireann sending out so called 'application packs' which demand personal details such as PPS numbers, the number and ages of people living in the property and whether it is owner occupied or rented.

WORDS Andrew Flood (Follow Andrew on Twitter )


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