Complete audio list from 2009 Dublin Anarchist Bookfair

I already briefly blogged the 2009 Dublin anarchist bookfair but here is the complete set of audio files I recorded and that I've edited and uploaded to indymedia over the last couple of weeks.  There is about seven hours worth in total. Also the video of Ashanti Alston speaking at the bookfair.

I've been recording audio for over a year now, one problem with doing it is that although its quite time consuming you get much less feedback then for written material as people are less inclined to comment on audio files.  However I was very cheered this week to hear from some of the heads that some of the audio of my interviews with North American anarchists got over a 1000 downloads each in March.  Obviously there is an audience out there.


What people think of the Dublin Anarchist Bookfair by Workers Solidarity on Mixcloud


A vox pop recorded at the Seomra Spraoi social after the bookfair, in it 25 people give their impressions of the bookfair.

'Left Unity? What sort of Left should we be trying to build?' Which was a debate between the WSM & ISN. There are contributions from the floor from "People before Profit' and the 'International Bolshevik Tedency'.


'Left Unity? What sort of Left should we be trying to build? - DABF 2009 with WSM & ISN by Workers Solidarity on Mixcloud


'‘Organising The Fightback’'. There were three speakers at the meeting, Gregor Kerr a WSM (and INTO) member, an Executive member of the Civil and Public Services Union (CPSU) and a representative of the Free Education for Everyone (FEE) Campaign.


Organising the Fightback - student & workers perspective from Ireland in 2009 by Workers Solidarity on Mixcloud


Palestine & womens rights : Organised by the Irish Palestinian Solidarity Campaign. The speaker is Nidal Saadeh, a leftist Palestinian activist from Bethlehem in the West Bank.


Palestine & womens rights - a Bethlehem women speaks at DABF 2009 by Workers Solidarity on Mixcloud


Ashanti Alston is a former member of the Black Panther Party and Black Liberation Army member told us about his experiences, the lessons he draws from them and what he thought of revolutionary politics in Ireland.


My experience in the Black Panther Party - anarchist Ashanti Alston at the Dublin Anarchist Bookfair by Workers Solidarity on Mixcloud


Martha Ackelsburg - a US anarchist feminist and author of the classic anarchist text 'Free women of Spain'. In her talk at the bookfair she discusses the movement of revolutionary anarchist women that arose during the Spanish revolution of 1936.


Martha Ackelsburg - anarchist feminist on Mujeres Libres / Free Women of the Spanish Revolution by Workers Solidarity on Mixcloud


What is anarchism - discussion in the bar area, sound is a little ropey


What is Anarchism - DABF 2009 by Workers Solidarity on Mixcloud



Ex Black Panther Dublin from DCTV on Vimeo.

 WORDS Andrew Flood (Follow Andrew on Twitter )


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