Audio interviews with anarchists in NE. USA

On my travels around the north east I used the opportunity to record interviews with many of the local anarchists who were organizing the meetings. I wished I could have done more, in particular its a pity I missed a New York City interview but often things didn't come together. Anyway I did get six done and I provide links to them below.

These were done using a five year old laptop and a 20 dollar USB mic I got in Best Buy - when I have a bit of time I'll probably post a detailed how to record interviews to the Information Booth forum on

Interview 1 - Providence, Rhode island Senia and Mark in Providence Rhode Island talk about Students for Democratic Society, the IWW, anarcho-feminism in Puerto Rico and the US primaries. 50 minutes

Interview 2 - Boston An interview with four members of the Boston union of the North Eastern Anarchist Communist Federation (NEFAC) that touches on NEFAC, the Boston Irish, housing organization around the foreclosure crisis, unemployed workers organising and political prisoner support in the USA today. And of course the US elections. 27 minute mp3 file

Interview 3 - North Hampton, Western Massachusetts Anne Marie an anarchist from North Hampton in Western Massachusetts on activism in a small town / rural setting, how she became an anarchist, the local anti-war movement and class struggle politics. 27 minutes

Interview 4 - Washington DC Alex talks about DC specific problem of building a popular anarchism in a city where there are several protests every day. 8 minutes

Interview 5 - Richmond, Virginia Sean talks about the Richmond slave insurrection of 1800, anarchism in Richmond since 1995, homeless activism. There is a little bit of periodic noise as it was conducted in the public park that is mentioned in the interview and there were occasional gusts of wind. 23 minutes

Interview 6 - Syracuse, upstate New York Two members of the Syracuse Solidarity Network talk about anarchist organising, local anti war and feminist movements and activism in a rust belt town. The second half is Stephen talking about how the experience of working with Common Ground in New Orleans after Kathrina radicalised him and is probably the most interesting segment of the six interviews I've done to date.

WORDS: Andrew Flood (Follow Andrew on Twitter )


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