Audio: A history of pro-choice struggles in Ireland

Three speakers talk about the pro-choice struggles in Ireland they were involved in over the last three decades. These include the 1983 anti-referendum campaign, the Womens' Information Network, the SPUC v students case, Dublin Abortion Information Campaign, X-Case, Repeal 8th Amendment, 1992 Referendum, Dublin Abortion Rights Group, Alliance for a No Vote, 1998 referendum, Choice Ireland and the D-Case.

This the the audio I recorded at a meeting of the Maynooth Sociology Society, April 2009 that I previously blogged. It is one hour in length. The second recording is of the 30 minutes question and answer session after the talks.  The speaker order is Hilary (chair), Mary (WIN), Andrew (me!), Sinead (Choice Ireland)

Both recordings have been recombined for the Mixcloud below and for the Internet Archive upload

WORDS Andrew Flood (Follow Andrew on Twitter )

Internet archive - 86 minutes

Talk -
Q&A -


History of the pro-choice movement in Ireland 1980's to 2009 by Workers Solidarity on Mixcloud

Below are some of the photos I mention during my talk

SPUC v Student Unions from late 1980's

Inside Women on Waves ship

X-case March

Could have been anytime in the last 17 years

March in Temple Bar during Womens on Waves visit

The audio was recorded at a meeting of the Maynooth Sociology Society, April 2009. It is one hour in length. I'll be posting some of the Q&A that followed the presentations tomorrow as a comment to this thread.

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Counter demo to YD anti-women march - 1992?

During the X-case


During the D-case

Some further reading
Choice Ireland -
Old Dublin Abortion Rights Group site -
The struggle for abortion rights in Ireland - a pretty detailed history -


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