60,000 demonstrate in Dublin against Education cuts

Last Saturday I took part in the 60,000 strong protest march organised by one of the teachers unions against the education cuts that the government has introduced to deal with its tax shortfall from the capitalist crisis. I've uploaded a youtube video of the entire march with a voice over of an article from Workers Solidarity.

The previous Wednesday the WSM held similtaneous meetings on the crisis in Dublin and Cork both of which attracted a good few people. Somewhere in the region of 300 red & black posters had been put up in Dublin city center advertising this meeting, I have the audio which I may get up later this week.

The day after the march I helped do the WSM stall at the Independent zine fair at the Food Co-op in New Square. I also recorded the RAG workshop at this, I intend to upload the audio from this as well when I have a few minutes. The fair itself seemed reasonably successful with perhaps 150-200 people passing through.

Meanwhile Greece is in flames following the cop killing of a teenager, today the Teachers announced a three day general strike. Last night I watched some BBC News 24 at the moment when their corrrespondant was talking about the police indiscriminetly attacking people in the streets and putting the riots in the context of the capitalist crisis (specifically the threats to pensions). "Police violence in Greece has never seen an end, no police has ever been sentenced". The interesting thing here is the suggestion that this is much more than ritualized anarchist v cops drama so loved by 'insurrectionalist' youtuber everywhere something that is becoming increasingly clear as translations of various documents of the Greek movement are going into circulation online.

Dublin WSM have organised a solidarity picket of the Greek embassy this evening (5pm, top of Grafton street) in the unlikely event that any Dubliner's read this in the next 40 minutes!


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