Worth doing?

Well, I could have a blog. Would this be of interest to anyone bar me?

I'm currently revising section H of An Anarchist FAQ and I've confirmed my opinion that Lenin not only distorted the anarchist theory in "State and Revolution", but also Marxist theory as well. The social democratic vision of revolution was, in fact, the orthodox Marxist one -- so the SPGB are right!

I'm also admit to being surprised by how Leninists, when shown supporting quotes for this analysis, simply ignore them. Quite staggering, really. I wonder why they are so keen to ignore what Marx and Engels had to say?


Looks interesting to me so

Looks interesting to me so far. I've added a link to here from my blog, Anarchia (http://anarchia.wordpress.com). The more quality class-struggle anarchist blogs, the better, I reckon...

Well as a registered user you

Well as a registered user you can see how many reads there are of your blog posts when you view them in the index, for my tour blog the most read one has 162 reads at the moment. Seeing as the only promotion of the site so far has been via the tour it seems like we are already attracting a fair bit of traffic. The tour blog is useful for me to remember where I've been but also so I don't great 20+ 'what was the meeting in XXX' like emails. How useful a blog would be outside of that context I'm undecided on. I guess we'll see as time goes on


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