Mutual Aid, AFAQ and Weekly Worker

I've finished my introduction to Mutual Aid. It is a bit bigger than I intended! I've posted for people to look at and make suggestions. As this is a new edition of the book, it would nice if the introduction reflected the modern developments in the field as well as putting to rest a few of the more silly claims about it.

This means I've not been revising section H of AFAQ. Which is good, as it makes a pleasant change not to be reading about the Russian Revolution (not to mention reading Marx, Engels, Trotsky and Lenin). I have been reading some Karl Kautsky of late, and he is of interest. Not as good as Martov, but makes some interesting points against Bolshevism. Helps place Lenin's State and Revolution more in context.

As far as the letter exchange in Weekly Worker goes, well, that seems to have ended. My last letter did not provoke a response -- maybe just as well, for the Leninists. I do find that a lot though, Leninists rarely want to discuss politics with anarchists who know more than they do about Marxism and the Russian Revolution.

I'm started the Culture novel (Matter) by Iain M. Banks (thank goodness for public libraries!). As to be expected, it is excellent and is starting to build up the kind of complex story which we have come to expect. If anyone has not read any of his Science Fiction books, I would recommend them. The Culture is a communist-anarchist society (although the level of technology is basically so high that it says little about the problems we would face, but the mentality is great!). Still, I think Le Guin's The Dispossessed is still by far the best anarchist utopia (Marge Piercy's Women on the Edge of Time is also recommended).

Lastly, looks like AFAQ will be launched as expected in Glasgow at the end of August. I've received the pdf of the finished book (it is pretty big!) and it looks great. Hopefully, it will not be a White Elephant for AK Press...


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