A bit of Bakunin...

Have I ever mentioned that I'm a but of a fan of Bakunin? He is not my favourite anarchist thinker (that would be Malatesta) but his ideas are basic revolutionary anarchism. His critique of Marx has been proven totally correct, which probably explains why Marxists tend to be so dismissive of him and his ideas.

I've written quite a bit on Bakunin, mostly to correct particularly stupid attacks by Marxists. I've posted a one (a reply to an SWP article) as well as a summary of his main contributions to anarchist theory (I have to do one for Proudhon). I've also includes a review of an excellent biography called Bakunin: The Creative Passion. Excellent book, and for readers in the UK it appears to have been remaindered and so should be available for a fraction of the original price. While its a shame it did not sell that well originally, it does mean that it may get into the hands of more people now.

More Bakunin articles will be forthcoming.

I've also posted a review of Imagine, which could be considered a statement of the Socialist Socialist Party's politics (I am Scottish, and still take an interest in events there in spite of my economic exile!). It is warmed up social democracy, with a libertarian rhetoric -- which shows how far Trotskyism has moved since the end of Stalinism. It is a wee bit dated, given the Sheriden trial and subsequent split but it covers the same left-reformism which infects all the recent Trotskyist attempts to become relevant.

In addition, there is a long review of an SWP book on the resistance to Italian fascism in the early 1920s. An important period and, unsurprisingly, the SWP rewrite history a lot. This is an important period, and one in which anarchists played an important part. We need to remember it and our role in it.

Lastly, there is an article on my thoughts of the notion of a state funeral for that evil witch, Thatcher. Nationalising her funeral is an ironic insult, but one to be opposed -- particularly as its not seen that way!

My revision of section H of AFAQ is taking longer than planned -- I'm a bit sick of reading marxists and about the Russian Revolution! Still, lots of good quotes and facts will be added once it is finished....


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