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Well, I should have a firm idea when An Anarchist FAQ will go to print early next week. Hopefully, I will see the pdf of volume 1 soon as well. Everything looks set for an official launch in August -- so just about a year late! Still, my fault for making it so big (or would comprehensive be a better word?)

Currently, I'm revising section H, the section on Marxism and Leninism. I've added quite a bit more, particularly to sections H.2 and H.3. As far as the former goes, it just shows how much Leninists distort anarchist ideas and history. As for the latter, I have to rebuild much of the original Marxist and Leninist positions from years of distortions and inventions. For example, I need to explain how Lenin distorted the original Marxist theory of the state in the socialist revolution in his "The State and Revolution" plus indicate how even Marx and Engels provided more than enough evidence to refute the notion that the state was purely an instrument of the economically dominant class.

So, I'm busy but it should be possible to get it revised as planned, for a new release on the 19th of July (with information about buying volume 1). That will be version 13.0.

I've also decided to create a new section, section H.6, on the Russian Revolution. It will be based on the current section H.3.15 and section H.3.16. Any suggestions what else should be in it, or what is not covered in enough detail? I'll be adding some material from the appendix on the Russian Revolution, but that is not complete and covers far too many things (so it will be very selectively used).

I aim to concentrate on the first year or so of Bolshevik power, simply because that is the key period -- the "objective factors" where not too great and the party dictatorship and state capitalist economy were well in place. In other words, to get away from Kronstadt -- after all, the Bolsheviks were disbanding soviets in the spring of 1918.

So, any suggestions or comments?


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