Section B - Why do anarchists oppose the current system?

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Section B - Why do anarchists oppose the current system?




B.1 Why are anarchists against authority and hierarchy?

B.1.1 What are the effects of authoritarian social relationships?
B.1.2 Is capitalism hierarchical?
B.1.3 What kind of hierarchy of values does capitalism create?
B.1.4 Why do racism, sexism and homophobia exist?
B.1.5 How is the mass-psychological basis for authoritarian civilisation created?
B.1.6 Can hierarchy be ended?

B.2 Why are anarchists against the state?

B.2.1 What is the main function of the state?
B.2.2 Does the state have subsidiary functions?
B.2.3 How does the ruling class maintain control of the state?
B.2.4 How does state centralisation affect freedom?
B.2.5 Who benefits from centralisation?
B.2.6 Can the state be an independent power within society?

B.3 Why are anarchists against private property?

B.3.1 What is the difference between private property and possession?
B.3.2 What kinds of private property does the state protect?
B.3.3 Why is private property exploitative?
B.3.4 Can private property be justified?
B.3.5 Is state owned property different from private property?

B.4 How does capitalism affect liberty?

B.4.1 Is capitalism based on freedom?
B.4.2 Is capitalism based on self-ownership?
B.4.3 But no one forces you to work for them!
B.4.4 But what about periods of high demand for labour?
B.4.5 But I want to be "left alone"!

B.5 Is capitalism empowering and based on human action?


B.6 But won't decisions made by individuals with their own money be the best?


B.7 What classes exist within modern society?

B.7.1 But do classes actually exist?
B.7.2 Does social mobility make up for class inequality?
B.7.3 Why is the existence of classes denied?
B.7.4 What do anarchists mean by "class consciousness"?



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