An Anarchist FAQ in pdf format

"An Anarchist FAQ" in pdf format

"An Anarchist FAQ" in pdf format

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An Anarchist FAQ after ten years

Introduction to Volume 1

Section A --
What is Anarchism?

Section B --
Why do anarchists oppose the current system?

Section C -
What are the myths of capitalist economics?

Section D -
How does statism and capitalism affect society?

Section E -
What do anarchists think causes ecological problems?

Section F -
Is "anarcho"-capitalism a type of anarchism?

Section G -
Is individualist anarchism capitalistic?

Section H -
Why do anarchists oppose state socialism?

Section I -
What would an anarchist society look like?

Section J -
What do anarchists do?


    Anarchism and "Anarcho"-capitalism

      1. Replies to Some Errors and Distortions in Bryan Caplan's "Anarchist Theory FAQ" version 5.2
      2. Replies to Some Errors and Distortions in Bryan Caplan's "Anarchist Theory FAQ" version 4.1.1
      3. Is "anarcho"-capitalism a type of anarchism?

    The Symbols of Anarchy

    Anarchism and Marxism

      1. Reply to errors and distortions in David McNally's pamphlet "Socialism from Below"
      2. Marxists and Spanish Anarchism
      3. Reply to errors and distortions in Phil Mitchinson's "Marxism and direct action"
      4. Reply to errors and distortions in the SWP's "Marxism and Anarchism"
      5. Reply to errors and distortions in John Fisher's "Why we must further Marxism and not Anarchism"

    The Russian Revolution

      1. What actually happened in Russia?
      2. What was the Kronstadt Rebellion?
      3. What caused the degeneration of the Russian Revolution?
      4. How did Bolshevik ideology contribute to the failure of the Revolution?
      5. Were any of the Bolshevik oppositions a real
      6. Why does the Makhnovist movement show there is an alternative to Bolshevism?


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Broken links

Page not found. Why is that? :'( I wanna download it... For now, I'm ctrl+c+ctrl+ving it from the Infoshop, but it's really painful to do that :P

Request: All-In-One AFAQ printer-friendly HTML page

Would it be possible to gather the entire AFAQ in one page? This way it would be more convient to download and the book woould not be a file spaghetti mess on the harddrive. It could be compressed and offered only as a download (no displaying on the clients browser from your website.)

All-in-one PDF might be better

HTML is designed for display on arbitrary devices, but PDF really is a better format for printing. An all-in-one PDF might be a better option.

Wouldn't EPUB be a better

Wouldn't EPUB be a better format than PDF?

Links are dead

The files that the links point to are no longer at the specified location.

Adobe Reader is not free software

Adobe reader is not free software (by the Free Software Foundations definition) but proprietary software which comes with no monetary price. The correct term to use would be freeware.

Calling it free software is doing a disservice to the free software community by obfuscating different concepts. Which is something proprietary software companies are already actively doing. This does not belong in an anarchists faq!

Adobe reader not required

And also Adobe Reader is not *required* to display PDF files. Any program that can display PDF files will suffice. - a - a list of free software PDF readers, any are better than Adobe's official reader which has many security issues.

Other PDF viewers

Here are some truly free software programs that can display PDFs.

* Evince -

For Unix-like systems:
* Xpdf -

For Windows:
* Sumatra PDF -


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