AFAQ sections I and J revised

As part of getting volume 2 of An Anarchist FAQ, sections I and J have been revised. This invoked fixing typos, although quotes by Proudhon are now sourced (when possible) to the new anthology of his writtings Property is Theft! (AK Press, 2011). The revised sections are:

The finished volume 2 will be, unfortunately, around 90% of the on-line version as we aim to make it the same size of volume 1. All the revised and edited sections, plus an introduction and bibliography, have been sent to AK Press.

This means that volume 2 (sections G to J) will published be published in 2012, hopefully in the spring. Announcements will be made on this blog once more definite information is available.


so what.

so what.

Yes, this FAQ is really

Yes, this FAQ is really incredible. I've learned so much from it and feel like I have a much better understanding of the world.

I feel like the writers asked for readers to point out typos they found. I've found a couple. Where can I send them?

Typos and such like can be

Typos and such like can be sent to:

Although you may get a reply later rather than sooner...

The front page still says

The front page still says "Version 14.0 -- 08-MAR-2010." I guess that should be updated.

Thanks for your continued efforts!

I applaud the hard work the

I applaud the hard work the staff of the Anarchist FAQ has done over the years. It is something to be quite proud of. Especially when it has been continually worked on and revised for over a decade now. It is great to hear that Vol. 2 of the FAQ is going to be released in the near future. I would definitely love to own a physical copy of the Anarchist FAQ in it's entirety someday.


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