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Turkey, Kurdistan, organisational theory, intersectional feminism, organisational dynamics

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Andrew is an anarchist writer, speaker and organiser who is currently the national secretary of the Workers Solidarity Movement. He has spent most of his life in Dublin, Ireland but has lived for short period in London, England and Ontario. He’s spoken, protested or been otherwise briefly active in the US, Norway, France, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Czech republic and Mexico. In that time he has also been a member of Common Cause & NEFAC.

His activity has covered nearly four decades on issues which included unions, community organising, LGBTQ, pro-choice, anti-imperialist, environmental, anti-racist, international solidarity, squatting and other struggles. His writing is strongly informed by all these experiences and all the places he has been active in as well as the others he has travelled to.

He has written in the region of 400 articles (some of which have been translated into 12 languages), another 300 blog posts, kept 60,000 photographs and published a couple of hundred hours of audio and video almost all of which apart from the photography is archived on Anarchist Writers. He has given public talks in 44 North American cities and about a dozen European ones.

He remains optimistic of the possibility of revolution in his lifetime, continues to organise every week to build on that possibility. As he says “Would I do it all again? Certainly, I’d not have had the extraordinary experiences I’ve had or met the amazing people I’ve worked with across the globe except though the struggle. There is little I regret except not paying much more attention to feminist theory at an earlier stage but much I know now that I wish I knew at various thens. There are up and downs but I have no intention of stopping until the time comes to take me out in a box.

I’m getting older but still open to ‘will speak for somewhere to sleep’ tours, just drop me an email at with suggestions, feedback or requests for interviews or articles”

Current writing

The Rojava revolution and new ideas on what makes anarchist organisation work or fail.


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Workers Solidarity Movement


Dublin, Ireland

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