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Ramoy Rya author of Clandestines - The Pirate Journals of an Irish Exile (AK Press 2006) is the latest writer to join the site. He lives in Chiapas, Mexico and his first piece reports on a recent visit to Oxaca, you can read it at http://anarchism.pageabode.com/ramor-ryan/anti-ulises-a-day-in-the-life-... I've been busy transferring old articles from my page on Struggle to this site. These won't generally appear on the front page as they are rather dated but can be found by clicking on my name at the end of my articles or going to http://anarchism.pageabode.com/cat/andrew-flood I've started posting some information on how the site works to the forums http://anarchism.pageabode.com/forum which I've activated just for this purpose, if your looking for a general anarchist discussion forum use http://www.anarchistblackcat.org


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