We are on twitter and other new features on anarchist writers

You can now follow Anarchist Writers blogs and articles on Twitter.  Follow anarchistwriter and notification of new blogs and articles will be posted with a link and summary as they are published on the site.

We are using twitterfeed to do this so this process is automatic, you might also want to follow anarkismo and wsmireland on twitter to get similar updates from those sites.

We now also have a translation section for articles from this site that have been translated into languages other than English.  You can access that via the tag cloud towards the bottom of the right hand menu. If you translate any articles on the site be sure to let me know by emailing andrewnflood AT gmail DOT com or contacting the author so they can be added to that collection.

Two other tag clouds to be found at the bottom of the page list the topics of articles on the site and also the specialist areas we have collections of articles on.

Follow us on Twitter at https://twitter.com/anarchistwriter


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