Site updated, multiple changes and registration turned off

The site has just been updated to Drupal 6.6 which gets all the security up to date. All existing modules were also updated and I've installed a number of new ones. The update appears to have repaired a couple of things that were broken, the wysiwyg editor is back above the contents box. The new modules include CKK and Views both of which were finally updated to D6 versions last month. These should allow a huge expansion in functionality. I've installed some additional modules to text them out to additional functionality may appear and disappear. The use of wage slaves in low income countries to solve captcha has meant that this site like most others I'm involved in has seen a big increase in spammers. I turned off registration a few weeks back because of this - we were getting several fake accounts a day and its a pain deleting these. I'll be expermenting with turning this back on to see if the updates have helped (its probably some of these were robots taking advantage of security holes). Note to human spammers - your wasting your time anyway as registration doesn't allow you to do much until I give registered accounts additional rights.


I've been updating another

I've been updating another site as well and it was brought to my attention there that the WYSIWYG editr didn't work for others users. The same is the case here, I'm going to look into alternatives

Playing with images I'm

Playing with images I'm experimenting with a new image uploader but I've discovered deactivating the old one removes the images it inserted to articles (gah). So both are active for now while I consider this issue. Deactivating the new one (imagepicker) doesn't remove images posted using it so its the safer of the two to use for new postings.

Registration is now back on,

Registration is now back on, I've added some required information fields which will help identify spam bots and I'm hoping the software update may have made it more difficult for them to target us. If this doesn't work out I'll turn it off and replace it with an invitation only account creation process. Of the new additions apart from the wysiwyg editor I'm finding the 'share this' link useful for posting links to my facebook account. There is a new 'related articles' listing in the right hand column I'm not yet certain of.

Ouch As soon as I turned it

Ouch As soon as I turned it on the spammers returned, two spam accounts created within 20 minutes. I'm going to turn it off again.


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