Some more designs for stickers posters etc

Ok heres a few posters stickers ive been working on lately, or over the past while

Feel free to use, ammend, etc etc

If you want original files etc to modify just leave me a comment and i'll upload em somewhere you can download em

love and solidarity






bite_back_at_capitalism_bookfair_flyer_or_sticker_copy.jpg28.46 KB
300_women3low_res_a4.jpg38.81 KB
pepper_spray_is_a_chemical_weaponweb.jpg14.41 KB
too_much_to_lose_globe_copy.jpg17.09 KB
discussweb.jpg20.14 KB
donotquestionweb.jpg23.16 KB
cowen_let_me_get_this_straight_copy_parred_down_copy_web.jpg57.11 KB


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