Chomsky and the Vote (USA Elections) What he says is completely true. The US democratic system is a choice between two factions of the business party, and to say that it will not make any difference is also incorrect. So what he is saying is think long and hard before you decide to vote, not to vote or even vote green (which is as good as not voting if you ask me). The people - the real ordinary people - the working stiff - according to political scientists do 'slightly' better off under the democrats. So you have to take that into account. Should you 'Act to create a potential alternative' is the key point that he makes shortly after that. Anarchists have a position that we don't vote for leaders / politicoz etc, because of the illusion that it sows that we are somehow in charge. We plainly are not in charge. Health care - something as basic as that doesn't appear on the political agenda until it affects major manufacturer’s costs, and then it arises. Agendas are not dictated by people, they are dictated by the ruling class. 80% of people in the states according to some poll that Chomsky quotes believe that the system is run in the interests of a few and not the many. I don't have a concern about voting for Obama, but it's always been the contention of anarchists that it is not going to change anything substantially. Chomsky doesn't disagree with that. Is that difference enough to make you vote for them - it is a lesser of two evils but there is nothing wrong with that choice. But if that is your only political act every four years, then this is the problem, because you are not acting to create an alternative. Then all we have to look forward too is the sideshow, entertainment value of the political elites vying for the reigns of power every four years. It's entertaining but not as much as sport.


A few thoughts on voting... I

A few thoughts on voting... I guess it is a case of arguing that whether you vote or not, the key thing is what else you do. Anarchists, I think, should be stressing the latter. Ultimately, if voting does not lead to radical change (unless there is mass pressure from below, of course) then neither does non-voting (unless there is mass pressure from below). Anarchists should be creating that mass pressure -- a social movement based on solidarity and direct action.


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