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Asylum Seeker revolt against Direct Provision spreads in Ireland

Protest at Kinsale road Direct Provision center - photo by Paul McAWe welcome the spreading revolt again the Irish state’s cruel Asylum process . In Cork up to 300 Asylum Seekers have been blockading the direction provision centre on Kinsale road over the last two days.

Those forced to live in the is centre include 9 year old children born in Ireland who have spent their entire lives in direct provision. Conditions under which they will have had little privacy, been unable to eat food prepared by their parents and forced to live off canteen food.

Marx, Engels and Bakunin in 1848 Paris

On the 28 August in 1844 Karl Marx and Frederick Engels meet for the 1st time in the Café de la Régence in Paris. Engels later remembered Marx outlining the "economic determinism" of his "materialistic theory"

Tom Barker jailed for IWW anti-war poster in Australia - 1915

On Sept 3rd 1915 Tom Barker was arrested for having the anti-war poster seen on the left. Tom was a member (as James Connolly & Jim Larkin were) of the revolutionary syndicalist IWW union.

Israel & Palestinian citizens of Israel - mass arrests expose democracy lie

The farcical claims of the Israeli apartheid state to be a democracy have been further exposed as more reports have emerged of the way they treated their own citizens during the murderous assault on Gaza. It has been revealed that Israel arrested over 1,000 Palestinian citizens of Israel and dozens of these are being held without charge, some for 9 or more days.

The Warsaw Ghetto and the assault on Gaza - is there anything in the comparison?

The text below is translated from the poster at the centre of this image of the destruction of Gaza by the Israeli state. But it refers not to this horror but another in 1943 when the Nazis crushed the Warsaw ghetto, wiping out the poorly armed organised resistance that operated out of a warren of bunkers & sewers hidden beneath the ghetto. This poster was by one of the armed factions that defended the Ghetto, the Jewish Combat Organization (ZOB)


 All people are brothers;
Yellow, brown, black, and white.
Talk of peoples, colors, races -
Is all a made-up story

Siberian craters - Yet another reason that we need action to stop Climate Change

Rather worrying news about those mysterious sink holes that have appeared in Siberia. It now appears they were giant methane releases - long forecast by climate change scientists as a likely positive feedback occurrence as permafrost in Siberia melted and released trapped methane. Worrying because methane is a 20 times more potent climate change gas than CO2 because it is more efficient at trapping radiation.

Police ban anti-war demonstration in Tel Aviv - arrest 14

 Police in Israel banned an anti-war demonstration in Tel Aviv Saturday night and when it went ahead and refused to disperse they attacked it arresting 14 people. Those arrested were held overnight and bailed on conditions including a ban on demonstrating for a month.

Greek court acquits farmers who shot 28 migrant strawberry pickers

 We are horrified by what appears to be a case of extraordinary racism, even by the standards of the Greek state. A farmer who "admitted shooting 28 Bangladeshi strawberry pickers when they dared to ask for months of back pay" has been acquitted by Greek courts.

Over the last few years one horror story after another about the treatment of migrants in and trying to enter Greece has emerged. Far right organisations have literally got away with assaulting and even murdering migrants while the state turned a blind eye.

Photos from Gaza - Mourning the Dead, Standing in Solidarity with the Living (28 photos)

The massacre continues in Gaza: more than 600 people dead, thousands wounded, tens of thousands displaced, hospitals, schools and ambulances attacked.  Photo album from this protest

Greyhound lockout - refuse trucks stopped in Stoneybatter

 Dublin is in an increasingly bitter Labour dispute at the moment because one of the main rubbish collection companies has locked out a large part of their workforce after they refused to accept a 35% pay cut.  Earlier this week I witnessed one of the community organised blockades of scab crewed lorries that are disrupting the collection service and wrote a couple of short pieces to accompany photos of these actions.


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