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60,000 demonstrate in Dublin against Education cuts

Last Saturday I took part in the 60,000 strong protest march organised by one of the teachers unions against the education cuts that the government has introduced to deal with its tax shortfall from the capitalist crisis. I've uploaded a youtube video of the entire march with a voice over of an article from Workers Solidarity.

Anarchist films

I’ve been think of writing about this for a while, since I saw Reds again in about 2 decades. Very good film, particularly as it portrays the hopes the Russian revolution produced as well as the failure of Bolshevism.

So are there any good anarchist films? I don’t necessarily mean films by or about anarchists, but ones with an anarchist message or which anarchists can enjoy. I’ll mention three good ones, before discussing a not-so-good one based on a classic anarchist comic.

YouTube AFAQ adverts

A comrade has created two short but good adverts promoting An Anarchist FAQ (via the mirror at the infoshop).

Chomsky and the Vote (USA Elections) What he says is completely true. The US democratic system is a choice between two factions of the business party, and to say that it will not make any difference is also incorrect. So what he is saying is think long and hard before you decide to vote, not to vote or even vote green (which is as good as not voting if you ask me). The people - the real ordinary people - the working stiff - according to political scientists do 'slightly' better off under the democrats. So you have to take that into account.

Latest video - Dublin health march

Another week, another video. This time I'm trying something new which is putting audio over footage of the Health Service demonstration that went through Dublin yesterday. These google videos do attract an audience, two of those I've put up so far are over 500 views and another hit 200 in 48 hours.

Seomra Spraoi opens up again in Dublin - video walk through

Seomra Spraoi, the Dublin social center project, is back once again. yesterday afternoon I visited and splashed some paint on the walls of the new premises at 10 Belvedere Court, 1 lane North of Mountjoy square.

More audio - on the economic collapse

I've been editing the audio recorded at a WSM meeting last Wednesday on The cause of the crisis in global capitalism to turn into podcasts and a google video. This is the second google video I've done, I'm very interested in the additional reach that producing material in this format may provide, the previous video has around 400 views at the moment.


Anarchism & the Chinese Revolution - video and audio

A 60 minute recording of a talk and discussion on the Chinese revolution and the Chinese anarchist movement. It's available here as google video, mp4 and mp3 formats, the first two are preferred as the viewer will then be able to see the images referenced during the talk. 



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