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Articles on the summit protest movement of the late 1990's onwards

Report on the Second Encounter for Humanity and against Neoliberalism

This report of the second Zapatista encounter in Spain is something of a break with my normal writing style as I got swept up in the romance (and as it happens a romance) of the second encounter in Spain.  Don't panic, the center section is a fairly detailed description of some of the actual discussions at the encounter.  I spent the last day by the river and hence missed the decision by some to stay an extra couple of days and set up what became 'Peoples Global Action'! Bad revolutionary!

The media and the anti capitalist globalisation movement : Learning from Nice summit protest

You may remember back in early December (2000) the news being dominated for several nights by coverage of the European Summit in Nice. An endless stream of politicians and political experts offered us their opinions on what new voting arrangements might be introduced. You might even be aware that there was some opposition on the streets of Nice to the summit, on December 7th most TV news items started with brief footage of a bank being set on fire

Fighting Global Capitalism; What sort of movement do we need?

The Grassroots Gathering fish

 Article from July 2001 calling for the creation of what was to become the Grassroots Gathering. Beyond this though we see the need for those of us who have a common anti-authoritarian vision of a future society to work together to promote this view. There are many within the general movement whom we are close to, who we feel in a greater or lesser way are fighting for the sort of society we are fighting for. Often we use quite different language to describe it but in the most general terms we are talking of a society where workplaces and communities are run by those who live and work there.

The globalisation we demand


Has it ever struck you as a little odd that the same governments that claim to stand for globalisation are busy erecting expensive fences along their borders to keep people out? Or that the collapse of the Berlin wall has been followed a decade later by new and longer walls being erected a few hundred miles to the East running down the Polish and Czech frontiers?

Report of the Seville 2002 EU summit protests

 In June 2002 I travelled with a group of Irish anarchists to the protests against the EU summit in Seville.  This article reports on the protests and end with a look at the post-Genoa summit protest and a look forward to the Mayday 2004 Summit protest that was to happen in Dublin.

What is the World Economic Forum?

The WEF is not democratic in any sense, being composed of representatives from selected corporations who pay 30,000 plus a year for the privilege. Yet it is one of the key bodies which decide how life will be for the 6 billion of us who inhabit the globe.

Reports on Bradford MayDay '98

These are some of the thoughts that have been mulling around in my mind since the Bradford conference. I am very aware that it is so much easier to criticise than to offer solutions, so bearing this in mind I would like to throw out five things

Reports on the 1998 Bradford Mayday conference

How some saw it a little after

Over the Mayday weekend of 1998 around 250 anarchists travelled to the small town of Bradford in England for a weekend of activity which included a conference.  As I understand it the planning for what was to become the J18 Day of Action against the city of London started at Bradford but in any case the spirit was certainly that of the anti-capitalist movement that was to emerge the following year.  These are two reports I wrote at the time and the original conference program.

The Weekly Worker, Anarchists and Genoa

A critique of Leninist attacks on anarchism after the Genoa demonstrations of 2001. Corrects factual mistakes and refutes assertions that anarchists are "anti-democratic" (while pointing out that Leninism is hardly democratic itself). Also includes two letters which appeared after the article was published in The Weekly Worker itself (which was amazing in itself!).

A New World in Our Hearts

A critique of a Leninist attack on anarchism after the Gothenburg anti-globalisation demonstrations of 2001. Shows the limitations of Leninism and presents the anarchist alternative to both capitalism and Leninism (i.e., state capitalism).


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