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Lee Rigby, Facebook and P != NP

Yesterday, in a cynical ploy, the UK parliamentary committee on intelligence affairs released a report which tried to lay the blame for Fusilier Lee Rigby's murder on Facebook. This piece explains why that accusation is not only baseless but an attack on all of us.

A brief encounter with a secret policeman in Istanbul

On my first night in Istanbul  I got tear gassed and then had an encounter with a secret police man. Lacking time to write it up properly here instead is my side of Facebook chats with a couple of friends back in Ireland after I'd got back to my hotel that evening and was discussing what happened with them. I've got into the habit of writing up encounters with the secret police - see for instance 'I still remember the First Time' and 'A Shell to Sea Jailing and a run in with the Secret Police'.  

Secret police disguised as protesters at union demonstration?

Many of the hundred thousand plus people who took part in Saturday's demonstration against the IMF/ECB four year plan would be disturbed to know that mixed among them were a number of secret police disguised as protesters. And it appears these Special Branch operatives were among the small breakaway march to the Dail that occurred after the main protest and which some media outlets seized on as 'proof' of the violence the Garda and that section of the media had been hyping in advance of the protest. 


Police infiltrations & a trip to the 2010 London anarchist bookfair

Main hall and banners at London anarchist bookfairAnother October and it's another London anarchist book fair. It's the biggest event internationally of its kind with dozens of stalls and meetings and thousands of people going through the doors. Most years at least three groups travel over from Ireland for it, WSM, Rag and Organise! and both WSM and RAG use it to launch new issues of their respective magazines. I spent last weekend at the bookfair (perhaps the 8th London one I have attended) this blog is a mixture of notes taken at the time,some thoughts edited in afterwards and the news of a police infiltrator discovered in the moved in Britain.

A Shell to Sea jailing and run in with the secret police

Shell to Sea campaigner Maura Harrington was once more jailed Friday.  At the protest I noticed that the secret police were observing us from the far side of the road and about five minutes after leaving two of them drove a car in front of my bike in order to stop me for questioning. I've included the report I wrote for indymedia on the protest below but this blog is more about the conversation with the branch and the conversation that followed it with John Zerzan.

Release Maura Harrington and secret police shennagans

img_4575.jpgOn Saturday after taking part in a distribution of the latest issue of Workers Solidarity in the Liberties I headed to the GPO for a rally demanding the release of Shell to Sea campaigner Maura Harrington whose imprisonment I have previously blogged. Around 50 people had gathered at the GPO in Dublin to demand the release of Shell to Sea campaigner Maura Harrington. After a short period at the GPO we went up to Mountjoy prison where Maura has been held since Wednesday evening.

Gardai attack globalisation protest at Dublin's Burlington hotel

Flour in the lobby of the Burlington hotel during globalisation protestA protest against an international privitisation conference at Dublin's Burlington hotel Oct 10 2001  turned violent when the Gardai (Irish police) attacked protesters with batons. They were aided by a number of non uniformed men armed with sticks and torches, some of who may have been political police (Special Branch) but others appeared to be private security.


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