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Appendix: The Paris Commune

Appendix: The Paris Commune

Translator: Mitch Abidor (Declaration to the French People and International Worker’s Association: Federal Council of Parisian Sections) and Paul Sharkey (On the Organisation of the Commune, Paris Today Is Free. . . and On the Production of Goods During the Commune).

Appendix: The Paris Commune

International Worker’s Association: Federal Council of Parisian Sections

Letter to Karl Marx

Letter to Karl Marx

Translator: Barry Marshall

Lyons, 17th May 1846

My Dear Monsieur Marx,

I will gladly agree to be one of the recipients of your correspondence, the aim and organisation of which seems very useful to me.

International Women's Day: Why we celebrate on March 8th

There are a few ways in which International Women's Day can be approached. It can be ignored. This is what mostly happens in the mainstream media. Unlike Valentines Day and Mothers Day, cards aren't given and presents aren't bought. With no profit to be made out of it, the day is not exactly one that jumps out and grabs the attention.

International Women's Day is an expressly political day. In 1907 women sweatshop workers marched in New York and thus the first International Women's day was born. Often when women are celebrated it is because they are either cute (Valentine's Day) or caring (Mothers' Day).

Men are from Earth, and So are Women

Gender is not as it appears in the popular media and general conversations

How different are men and women? Very, according to some. John Gray’s book “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” is based on the idea that there are fundamental differences between the genders. It may be just another self-help book on relationships, but it has also sold over 30 million copies and been translated into 40 languages.

The neo-liberal medicine is still not working…

With the current crisis, many on the right are proclaiming their usual mantras on the need to attack working class pay and conditions to solve the economic problems. The idea is that by cutting wages and breaking unions the crisis will be ended and the conditions made favourable for economic growth to return. With increasing growth, so wealth will trickle down and everyone will benefit.

Resistance to the Revolution

Resistance to the Revolution: Louis Blanc and Pierre Leroux

La Voix du Peuple

3rd December, 1849

Translation by Benjamin R. Tucker


In Connection with Louis Blanc

In Connection with Louis Blanc:

The Present Use and Future Possibility of the State

La Voix du Peuple

28th December 1849

Translator: Paul Sharkey

Chapter V: Psychological Exposition of the Idea of Justice

Chapter V:Psychological Exposition of the Idea of Justice

Property is impossible; equality does not exist. We hate the former, and yet wish to possess it; the latter rules all our thoughts, yet we know not how to reach it. Who will explain this profound antagonism between our conscience and our will? Who will point out the causes of this pernicious error, which has become the most sacred principle of justice and society?

I am bold enough to undertake the task, and I hope to succeed.


Chapter IV: That property is impossible

Chapter IV: That property is impossible.

The last resort of proprietors, — the overwhelming argument whose invincible potency reassures them, — is that, in their opinion, equality of conditions is impossible. “Equality of conditions is a chimera,” they cry with a knowing air; “distribute wealth equally to-day — to-morrow this equality will have vanished.”


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