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Design - capitalism makes slaves

yeah so heres my first offering to the loose band of anarchists online, not sure how lots of this works yet, but with perseverance it'll be a doddle

What is it that is different about the Zapatistas?

Cowboy Zapatistas

The EZLN (Zapatista National Liberation Army) came briefly to the worlds attention when they seized several towns in Chiapas on New Years day in 1994. This image of a new armed rebel movement in the period when such movements were meant to have recognised their own redundancy was startling and demonstrated that history was not yet over.

Since then most of the continued support the Zapatistas have received is strongly based on the idea that the Zapatistas are different. Different not just from the neoliberal world order they oppose but, more fundamentally, different from the armed revolutionary groups that exist and have existed elsewhere in the world. [This text as a PDF pamphlet]

Don't Moan, Organise

Don't Moan, Organise

Here's a poster wot I have just made. It's obviously a play on "Don't Mourn, Organise" - but the Irish seem to moan more than mourn. I wanted to encourage those who grumble into their pints to do a little more, particularly now, when we actually have to get up off our arses and try and influence the direction our crumbling country is going in.

Paraskevidekatriaphobic (Fear of Friday 13th) thoughts

‘I think it’s all going to end in revolution’ my 77 year old mother said to me without even a hint of humour in her voice. ‘I hope so Ma, I hope so.’

Report of the Seville 2002 EU summit protests

 In June 2002 I travelled with a group of Irish anarchists to the protests against the EU summit in Seville.  This article reports on the protests and end with a look at the post-Genoa summit protest and a look forward to the Mayday 2004 Summit protest that was to happen in Dublin.

Shannon - at the end of a long road

Report on the 12 April 2003 Shannon demonstration which was only attended by about 470 people, many of these being from the political parties that make up the IAWM. The movement that could mobilise 100,000 ends up leading 467 into a protest pen at Shannon as in the background military flights taxi for take off.

Report on March 1st 2003 attempted mass direct action at Shannon airport

 Report written in the aftermath of the attempted March 1st 2003 Direct Action at Shannon airport which looks at what happened and what it means for the anti-war movement.

Mass anti-war trespass at Shannon airport October 2002

Report on the October 2002 anti-war demonstration at Shannon airport when part of the perimeter fence was torn down and up to 150 people entered the airfield.

Is capitalism RAID 1 or RAID 5 - The Chain and the Starfish


Strategies for breaking up assemblages must be based on an understanding of the different possible relationships between the components of the assemblage. To examine two different types of assemblage we will consider the chain and the starfish.

The chain is an assemblage of links. For the chain assemblage to maintain it's integrity under stress, every single link component must not fail. The failure of any single link brings about the catastrophic failure of the entire chain assemblage.

Four Levels of Use Value Production

Automatic affect



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