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International Women's Day: Why we celebrate on March 8th

There are a few ways in which International Women's Day can be approached. It can be ignored. This is what mostly happens in the mainstream media. Unlike Valentines Day and Mothers Day, cards aren't given and presents aren't bought. With no profit to be made out of it, the day is not exactly one that jumps out and grabs the attention.

International Women's Day is an expressly political day. In 1907 women sweatshop workers marched in New York and thus the first International Women's day was born. Often when women are celebrated it is because they are either cute (Valentine's Day) or caring (Mothers' Day).

Two Thinkers have a great Scrap - The odd couple of the Enlightenment


Review  of the book

Two Great Thinkers at War in the Age of Enlightenment
By David Edmonds and John Eidinow


In this book we find an account of two great thinkers of their age, when they get right down to it, behaving like children in a school yard.  Instead of David Hume extending a Scottish invitation to little crazed Jean Jacques Rosseau to meet later for a pugilistic dispute resolution, they printed articles in the papers of the day to defend and attack one another.  As the authors state “Their reasoning about reason showed that reason could get us only so farand we enter an interesting world where they leave that reason far behind. 



Las mujeres de Guerrero somos todas

Cerca de seis millones y medio de los indígenas que viven en zonas rurales en México son mujeres que sufren la violencia más cruel: la pobreza[1].

oaxa en estado de sitio

El Gasna es un viejo punk originario del DF. Después de años de vagar por el mundo aterrizó en el aeropuerto internacional de Cancún en Enero de éste año. Decidió festejar el regreso a su país con unos tragos en la zona turística. Recobró el conocimiento en una sala de emergencia de la Cruz Roja, con veinte puntos de sutura en el cráneo y varios policías estatales fuertemente armados custodiándolo.

A picture can tell a thousand words

Of course, it's not exactly as simple as it first appears. In the wake of the crash the ISDA started chivvying CDS dealers to try and net out their deals. As CDS are fixed term contracts and normally non-tradeable, the common practice for getting out of a CDS deal before the fixed term (usually 5 years) expires is to create a second, opposite contract. The end result is double the notional outstanding, though the deal has been effectively cancelled

Communism (again)

Today the word "communism" is most often associated with the totalitarian one-party states of Soviet Russia or China. Nothing could be further from the anarchist goal of a stateless, free society. So the association of anarchism with communism seems, at first sight, perverse.

Some more designs for stickers posters etc

Ok heres a few posters stickers ive been working on lately, or over the past while

Yet another letter on Kropotkin

Well, Peter Gibson has written another surreal letter to Freedom on Kropotkin. I had to reply, as I hate to see such a misrepresentation of mutual aid go unanswered. And on that note, AK Press UK are looking into printing costs for my essay on Kropotkin's Mutual Aid, which must be a good sign! And if there is a good year to produce an in depth evaluation of Kropotkin's ideas this would be it! What with Darwin and all that...

More on propertarian stupidity

In my blog post for May Day, as well as linking to numerous labour and protest songs, I mentioned (in what I termed propertarian stupidity of the day) that a Cato propertarian had effectively called for a restriction in the franchise to secure "capitalist democracy". While reactionary does not do the propertarians justice, it is rare for them to be so open about it. Needless to say, this slip has been much discussed.

Audio: A history of pro-choice struggles in Ireland

Three speakers talk about the pro-choice struggles in Ireland they were involved in over the last three decades. These include the 1983 anti-referendum campaign, the Womens' Information Network, the SPUC v students case, Dublin Abortion Information Campaign, X-Case, Repeal 8th Amendment, 1992 Referendum, Dublin Abortion Rights Group, Alliance for a No Vote, 1998 referendum, Choice Ireland and the D-Case.


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