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50 per cent is no solution

When Labour announced a 50% tax rate on those earning more than £150,000 there was a whole spate of gnashing of teeth from the right-wing media.

Let us put this in context: less that 2% of the British population earn more than £100,000, a mere 10% over £40,000. Britain is an extremely unequal society, with a few owning the bulk of income and wealth.

There is power in a union!

An article on anarchism and unions, written in an attempt to build support for the Anarchist Workers Network (AWN). The AWN aimed to create a libertarian presence in the trade unions, but after a period of interest it disappeared. An article written to learn some lessons from the AWN is attached at the end.

Reports on Bradford MayDay '98

These are some of the thoughts that have been mulling around in my mind since the Bradford conference. I am very aware that it is so much easier to criticise than to offer solutions, so bearing this in mind I would like to throw out five things

Reports on the 1998 Bradford Mayday conference

How some saw it a little after

Over the Mayday weekend of 1998 around 250 anarchists travelled to the small town of Bradford in England for a weekend of activity which included a conference.  As I understand it the planning for what was to become the J18 Day of Action against the city of London started at Bradford but in any case the spirit was certainly that of the anti-capitalist movement that was to emerge the following year.  These are two reports I wrote at the time and the original conference program.

Authoritarians, vanguards and "anti-capitalist" movements

A critique of an SWP attack on libertarian anti-capitalist protestors. Exposes the hypocrisy of Leninists attacking others as undemocratic as well as the impractical nature of their alternative.

Repeating history, when not rewriting it

A critique of the SWP's 2005 general election analysis, plus reminding them that Tom Mann was a syndicalist after becoming disgusted with the electoralism they have embraced.

Anarchism and Community Politics

An article summarising why anarchists reject electioneering and suggesting an alternative in the form of popular assemblies.

Through the Looking Glass: Anarchist adventures at Marxism 2001

One anarchist's account of attending the British SWP's Marxism 2001 event. Not a very pleasant experience, but it says a lot about the state of the British left and the politics of Leninism.

Politics and Industrial Relations in the Media: A Guide for the Perplexed

What the media really means when it comments on industrial action....

Review: I Couldn't Paint Golden Angels

There is a long tradition of personal autobiographies written by ageing activists in the anarchist movement about their experiences and motivations. This is the recently published autobiography of Albert Meltzer, a British anarchist whose life has taken him from the fights against Mosley and support for Spain in the 1930's through fringe involvement in a plot to assassinate Hitler, the Cairo mutiny after WWII, supporting the Spanish resistance, to the Angry Brigade trials and fighting the National Front in the 1970's.


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