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Articles that link to audio recordings

Pirate Radio and activist audio recording methods and equipment

Flyer for Dublin pirate station Radio Active Way back around 1993 I co-hosted a political slot on a pirate radio station for a few weeks, that was my first experiment with audio rather than writing as a way of transmitting ideas. The experiment was brief and it was a decade later in 2005 before I returned to audio, this time online.  As well as talking a little about Radioactive this post looks at the technology I've used and methodology I've developed since then in the course of recording some 100 audio segments.  I include sample recordings so you can see how different equipment gives different results.

Audio: Biopower, Race and State in contemporary Ireland

This audio is a recording of Ronit Lentin's talk on 'Race and State in contemporary Ireland' given as part of the Better Questions seminar series in Seomra Spraoi which I went to last Tuesday. I've also made a brief comment on me not getting the Foucault / biopower stuff the theoretical end of this talk was based on.  This was the first in a sequence of planned meetings which I think has a relationship with the stalled series last year where I made a brief contribution on social centre type spaces in North America I'd come across in order to suggest that term did not in itself define a consistent practice.

Audio from Gleneagles G8 protests and launch of RAG 1

Cop cordon at G* protestThese audio files are 11 interviews conducted via mobile phone with Irish protesters at the Gleneagles G8 summit in June 2005 and an interview with Tobie about the launch of RAG 1, the publication of the Revolutionary Anarcho-Feminist Group.  I'm adding them to the blog as part of the process of re discovering old audio I recorded and archiving it, in these cases I'd forgotten recording these at all until the point where I was writing the other two blogs on the topic.

Rossport & Choice audio from 2006/7

 I've recovered some more of the first audio I recorded back in 2006/7.  These consist of two pro-Choice audio's recorded at protests in Dublin and several Rossport ones.  The pro-choice ones are a picket of a rogue pregnancy advice agency and a solidarity rally with 'D' who had been injuncted to prevent her traveling to England for an abortion. There are also 7 audio's related to the Rossport struggle, mostly done by Skype and mobile phone with people on the ground in Erris during protests.

Audio recordings from the 2007 Dublin anarchist bookfair

Poster for 2007 Dublin anarchist bookfairYestereday while replying to a query from a friend about audio recording devices I realised that I'd none of the recordings I did before the North American tour on this site.  So I'm going to start seeking them out and posting them here.

Chasing Enda Kenny into the shadows at the ICTU budget protest

Unfair placard at ICTU protestI went along to the ICTU protest against the budget (called almost a full week after the budget!) last night.  While we were there we spotted opposition leader Enda Kenny and some of the Dublin Shell to Sea crew chased him up the street in order to ask him a a few questions.  I followed with the iPhone and shot some very dark video of him trying to evade the discussion.  The rally itself was crap, not much more than a thousand people and only two quick speeches from David Begg the general secretary of ICTU and Sheila Nunan the president of the INTO.  Neither said very much. Jack O'Coonor from SIPTU lurked in the corner of the platform looking at his feet but apparently he had lost his voice.

Audio: COP15 the protests and the arrests in Copenhagen

This audio interview conducted by mobile phone on Monday evening covers the protests at the COP15 summit in Copenhagen. Ronan who was a member of WSM in Ireland has been living in Denmark for a year and a half and is involved in a new Libertarian Socialist group and the local infoshop in the autonomous Youth House.

Our interviewee gets nicked on Saturday along with 960+ others

Audio: Interviews from the 24th November picket lines

SIPTU strike postersThis audio consists of 10 brief interviews with public sector strikers made during the national strike on 24th November. Picketers at various locations across Dublin talk of what the strike is about, the effects of the cuts and how their unions organised for the strike.


Peak Oil and resistance to Tar Sands extraction

Map of the Athabasca Oil Sands from WikipediaWe'd a national Shell to Sea meeting in Dublin this Saturday at the end of which we had a talk from Heather Milton Lightening of the Indigenous Environmental Network about the struggle against Tar Sand extraction in Alberta, Canada.  This is a filthy process that involves vast open cast mines, tailing ponds that can be seen from space and the use of huge quantities of water and energy making it a major cause of climate change.  Back in 2006 I mentioned the dangers it posed in the conclusion of the article 'The politics and reality of the peak oil scare'  I wrote with Chekov Feeney.

Audio: Social struggles in South Africa

We recently hosted Jonathan of the South African Zabalaza Anarchist Communist Front (ZACF) in Dublin.  He was doing a speaking tour of Ireland and Britain on the subject of 'After Apartheid: Social struggle in South Africa'.  I've just uploaded the audio of his Dublin talk, its linked below.  Jonathan is another person I've 'known' online for quite a long period so it was good to meet him IRL at the London anarchist bookfair which provided the first date for his talk.


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