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Articles by anarcho

Review: The Conscience of a Liberal by Paul Krugman

A review of Paul Krugman's new book (The Conscience of a Liberal), discussing its strengths and weaknesses. It is particularly good on the results of 30 years of neo-liberalism on the American Working Class, plus on the importance of unions for workers. His call for a "New New Deal" should make us aware of why the first one was broken and that we should aim for more...

The Weekly Worker, Anarchists and Genoa

A critique of Leninist attacks on anarchism after the Genoa demonstrations of 2001. Corrects factual mistakes and refutes assertions that anarchists are "anti-democratic" (while pointing out that Leninism is hardly democratic itself). Also includes two letters which appeared after the article was published in The Weekly Worker itself (which was amazing in itself!).

A New World in Our Hearts

A critique of a Leninist attack on anarchism after the Gothenburg anti-globalisation demonstrations of 2001. Shows the limitations of Leninism and presents the anarchist alternative to both capitalism and Leninism (i.e., state capitalism).

Anarchy in Iraq?

An attempt to explain, after the defeat of Saddam back in 2003) why anarchists are not surprised when states disappear that disorder results. Rather than refute anarchism, such events show that the anarchist analysis of social transformation is correct. Anarchy cannot by given, it is an act of self-liberation (both individually and collectively). Once this is understood, the difference between chaos (disorder) and anarchy (without rulers) becomes clear.

Letters on Property and Anarchist Communism

A series of letters discussing whether communist-anarchism is a form of anarchism (it is!) and how private property, not communism, violates liberty. Also discusses the question of people who decide not to become communists in a free society.

Bailouts or co-operatives?

A suggestion for practical libertarian activity in the current crisis, one which tries to get beyond abstract calls for social revolution by presenting possible solutions which can aim the process of creating an anarchist social movement and, ultimately, anarchism.

Marxism or Anarchism?

A talk given as part of a debate organised by the Trotskyist party "Alliance for Workers' Liberty." A basic introduction to why anarchism is better than Leninism.

The Two Souls of Democracy

A review of Tony Benn's 2005 TV programme on democracy. It points out the democracy has many meanings and can, and is, used to justify elite rule.Tony Benn at Regents College

Obama: The times they are a-changing?

A few thoughts on Obama's election victory. Yes, it is historic but real change comes from below and anarchists need to stress that.

On Paul Krugman

A few comments on Paul Krugman winning the so-called Nobel Prize for Economics. He may be left-of-centre and a Keynesian, but his economics are sadly very much neo-classical in nature.


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