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Articles by anarcho

Afghanistan: From Tragedy to Comedy

A review of the film Charlie Wilson's War, discussing what the film did not mention and how the activities of the USA in Afghanistan started before the Soviet invasion and its unintended consequences.

There is power in a union!

An article on anarchism and unions, written in an attempt to build support for the Anarchist Workers Network (AWN). The AWN aimed to create a libertarian presence in the trade unions, but after a period of interest it disappeared. An article written to learn some lessons from the AWN is attached at the end.

Letters to Anarchy on Platformism

Three letters to the US-based Anarchy magazine in response to an issue it did on "Platformism" pointing out the mistakes made -- as well as the irony of Bob Black attacking the Platformists as vanguardists while repeating some of Lenin's arguments from What is to Be Done?

Letters to Freedom on Primitivism

A few years back Freedom let the primitivists of Wildfire have a page to discuss their ideas. These letters were written in response to their articles. Wildfire, as far as I am aware, is no more -- it's two members went their separate ways quite soon after they stopped writting for Freedom.

Letters on "property is despotism"

A couple of letters in reply to an "anarcho"-capitalist who wrote to Freedom. Sadly, the person in question used to consider himself a mutualist, before leaving anarchism for propertarianism. As can be expected, he fails to consider the authoritarian aspects of private property, something anarchists have been pointing out since (at least) 1840.

Co-operatives and conflicts!

A continuation of the discussion raised by the Bailouts or co-operatives? article, which was published in Freedom alongside another article arguing against anarchists raising the demand for co-operatives.

Review of The Spanish Civil War by Antony Beevor

Review of an very good mainstream book on the Spanish Civil War. It places the anarchist inspired social revolution and the libertarian movement at the core of its account of the conflict.

George Orwell: A Life in Pictures

A review of an excellent 2003 BBC programme on George Orwell.

Objectivity and Right-Libertarian Scholarship

Objectivity and Right-Libertarian Scholarship:

A Reply to Bryan Caplan's Essay "The Anarcho-Statists of Spain: An Historical, Economic, and Philosophical Analysis"

For general information on Anarchist Theory, see An Anarchist FAQ. Please consult its bibliography for the books used in this essay.

Dan Clore: Contortions at First Hand -- James Donald vs Noam Chomsky

Contortions at First Hand:
James Donald on Noam Chomsky

by Dan Clore

Original version can be found here


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