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Belfast anarchist bookfair photos & report

On Saturday I travelled to Belfast for the Belast Anarchist Bookfair held in the top floor of the Belfast Unemployed Center. As well as helping out a little with the organisation I spoke about my expereinces in Gezi Park at one of the five meetings that were on as part of the bookfair.  I recorded the other four and hope to have edited version of those recordings online over the next while.


Police infiltrations & a trip to the 2010 London anarchist bookfair

Main hall and banners at London anarchist bookfairAnother October and it's another London anarchist book fair. It's the biggest event internationally of its kind with dozens of stalls and meetings and thousands of people going through the doors. Most years at least three groups travel over from Ireland for it, WSM, Rag and Organise! and both WSM and RAG use it to launch new issues of their respective magazines. I spent last weekend at the bookfair (perhaps the 8th London one I have attended) this blog is a mixture of notes taken at the time,some thoughts edited in afterwards and the news of a police infiltrator discovered in the moved in Britain.

Complete audio list from 2009 Dublin Anarchist Bookfair

I already briefly blogged the 2009 Dublin anarchist bookfair but here is the complete set of audio files I recorded and that I've edited and uploaded to indymedia over the last couple of weeks.  There is about seven hours worth in total. Also the video of Ashanti Alston speaking at the bookfair.


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